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Bremer said the bloom should be spectacular during convention weekend.

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"We look forward to the groups visiting our farm in that we'll see many old friends, and it gives us a chance to show off our best plants," he said. "Daylilies are blooming a bit early this year, believe it or not, and many of the later cultivars will be opening in our gardens about the time the convention arrives."

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Womens Nike Air Max 90

The modern daylily is a plant unlike the old fashioned varieties many gardeners are used to seeing in the gardens of their parents or grandparents.

With vibrant colors, special effects, heavy substance that feels almost like rubber or plastic, flowering scapes that can be nearly two inches across and fans as thick as your arm, the modern daylily is a powerhouse plant.

Improvements and enhancements made in every part of the plant from the roots and fans to scapes, flower buds and the flowers themselves Nike Air Max Green And Gold

"Since we are in the northernmost part of the region, attendees can become acquainted with what can be grown in our very extreme climate," he said.

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"The meeting gives daylily growers a chance to see how daylilies perform in the most northern growing area," said Philip Korth, owner with wife Luella of Pinewood Gardens. climates, daylilies that grow well here in our harsh northern climate do not grow well in subtropical climates such as Florida, and vice versa. Even our summer temperatures are cooler than most daylily growing climates, which challenges the flowers to grow well during bloom season. Our gardens on tour during the convention will showcase daylilies that perform well in our climate."

In addition, many local hybridizers breed for bud count (number of flower buds per scape) and branching scapes, which can lead to Womens Nike Air Max 90 plants that bloom with a beautiful candelabra effect.


Nate Bremer, owner of Solaris Farms, said that many southern varieties of daylilies have trouble growing here so his massive hybridizing program is dedicated to the creation of extravagant daylilies that rival those southern beauties.

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Womens Nike Air Max 90

Showcased this year are the hybridizing efforts and display gardens of several local growers including Solaris Farms in Reedsville, Pinewood Gardens in Suamico and Rose Hill Gardens in Hobart. But local hybridizers have created plants that compete with, or surpass, those grown in the south.

The convention will be held at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center.

Just in time to greet convention goers, daylily bloom Air Max 90 Oreo

"People coming to the meeting will see a great mix of small to large gardens," Korth said. "Many gardeners on tour also hybridize and create their own daylilies that grow well in our climate. The evenings will have guest speakers and a live auction with many unusual daylilies and other plants available for sale. Classes and workshops on judging daylilies in the garden will also be available."

have resulted in modern daylilies that barely resemble their decades old Air Max 90 Essential Running Shoes

Daylily convention coming to Green Bay

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Womens Nike Air Max 90

Womens Nike Air Max 90

"Although small in scale, our hybridizing efforts have created some beautiful daylily hybrids that thrive in our northern climate," said Leo Bordeleau, owner of Rose Hill Gardens. "It is always a pleasure to have other daylily enthusiasts stop in and help evaluate the new creations."The daylily gardens at the Green Bay Botanical Garden will be dedicated as an official American Hemerocallis Society display garden during a special luncheon ceremony on July 26.

The modern daylily

season has just begun, with peak bloom expected during convention week. Most daylilies typically peak in bloom between July 15 and Aug. 15, though there are early bloomers and late bloomers that extend the season from late spring through early fall.

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