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CP24 Traffic Alert users can contribute to the quality of traffic information and help other users by calling to report any traffic incidents or problems with the app. By pressing the Call to Report button, your phone will automatically dial a toll free number to our traffic reporting centre. You can Air Max Premium 90

Once you have launched CP24 Traffic Alert and start driving, you will hear and see an alert for the road you are on. This will be a green (normal traffic), orange (slow traffic) or Nike Air Max 90 Mesh Black

When used in a moving vehicle, CP24 Traffic Alert is checking the road ahead of you for traffic issues. home to work, home to cottage, etc.) and then check the traffic on these exact routes before you leave the next time.

Nike Womens Air Max 90 Ultra

Nike Womens Air Max 90 Ultra

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Nike Womens Air Max 90 Ultra

Nike Womens Air Max 90 Ultra

Nike Womens Air Max 90 Ultra

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Nike Womens Air Max 90 Ultra

Nike Womens Air Max 90 Ultra

Nike Womens Air Max 90 Ultra

Running CP24 Traffic Alert while driving, you will hear voice alerts like, "400 Northbound: very slow traffic between Major MacKenzie and King. User reported 2 right lanes blocked at King." CP24 Traffic Alert gives you the real time information you need to understand what is happening ahead of you and take an alternate route if necessary.

The CP24 Traffic Alert map view can be used for a quick look at major highway traffic, to view your routes and to report traffic. The map view is also where you can access the settings, route management and help menus. You can pan, zoom in and out of the map and re centre the view on your current location.

Although CP24 Traffic Alert uses traffic incident information from other sources, reports called in by users are often the most accurate and timely sources of information, so please help others by calling in.

We screen for comments that seek to spread information that is false or misleading.

CP24 Traffic Alert User Guide

CP24 Traffic Alert relies in part on the contribution of users so if the alert is wrong or you are able to add more detail about an incident, please press the Call to Nike Air Max Floral City Pack

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red (very slow traffic) alert. With the orange and red alerts, you will hear the affected road segment, average speed and specific incident causing the slow traffic, if available. You will receive a new alert for each road you turn onto.

Report button and advise our traffic reporting centre.

5.1. Highway and Route Traffic

Nike Womens Air Max 90 Ultra

Nike Womens Air Max 90 Ultra

CP24 Traffic Alert is an iPhone, Android and BlackBerry app that gives you personalized real time traffic while you drive. Traffic information is delivered by voice so that you don't have to look at or touch your phone while driving.

Real time traffic speed on the highway and on your route are shown as green (normal 90% or more of speed limit), orange (slow 60% to 90% of speed limit) and red (very slow less than 60% of speed limit). Highway traffic can be turned on or off by touching the Hwy Traffic button.

Each user helps to make CP24 Traffic Alert's speed and incident information accurate by passively and anonymously providing their travel speed and by actively reporting traffic issues using the Call to Report button. Thousands of users run CP24 Traffic Alert every Nike Womens Air Max 90 Ultra day. The more users who run CP24 Traffic Alert while driving, the better and more accurate the traffic information. Join the CP24 Traffic Alert community today.

CP24 Traffic Alert consumes battery power and cellular data while running. To save on both battery and data consumption, CP24 Traffic Alert is set by default to go into Eco Mode after a short time. The screen will be black and will show the message "CP24 Traffic Alert Eco mode running. Touch screen to return to map view." You will continue to receive alerts, but Eco mode will resume after the alert. Simply touch the screen to return to the map view. We recommend that you use a car charger for your phone while running CP24 Traffic Alert.

If you're using an alias, make sure it's unique.

leave a voicemail message with the name and direction of the street, the nearest intersection and affected section of road, and the nature of the incident. Our operators will immediately pick up the message and add the report into the system, thereby helping other users behind you.

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