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who do research as undergraduates and find science exciting start thinking like scientists, he said.

"That didn't go so well," said Hampton, now a chemistry professor at CSU Channel Islands in Camarillo. "People didn't seem that interested in buying my rocks."

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Nike Air Max Green Blue

It's because of Hampton that Sameh Helmy decided to get his doctorate in chemistry at UC Santa Barbara. Helmy, 32, says Hampton invited him to do research with him when he was an undergrad at CSUCI.

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CSU Channel Islands chemistry professor uses pizzazz to sell science

"But because he's so versatile in his teaching, we learn the material."

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These days, Hampton is trying to sell science in a somewhat different way. Saturday.

Helmy also has picked up Hampton's focus on mentoring. As a graduate student, he's already mentoring other students.

"My whole garage is full of projects," he said. "Science is fun both as a job and as an extracurricular thing."

"I think in schools, we're focused on the content side of things rather than doing science," Hampton said. "When kids get to play with things, they discover that science is doing, that it's exploratory."

"Thinking independently, solving problems, is important when you're doing science," Lichtsteiner said. "The most important advantage to being in graduate programs is being exposed to different problems, to unchartered territory, where you can make progress."

"I think it's good that arm hair grows back quickly," Hampton said. "I think I did that without a lot of supervision."

But Hampton isn't only interested in getting younger children interested in science. He's a gifted and patient professor who will explain concepts in different ways so students can understand them, said Lace Granatelli, 21, a senior at CSUCI majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry.

Even today, Hampton still has some of that curious kid in him. He perfects the experiments he brings to the carnival in his garage. And he'd love to invent something someday.

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Nike Air Max Green Blue

"It can be intimidating to ask the same question two or three times," Granatelli said.

"Training the next generation of scientists is more important than any science I could do," Helmy said. "If we're not encouraging the next generation of scientists, if we can't get them excited about careers in science, then everything we're doing stops with us."

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of scientists, said Serge Lichtsteiner, vice president for research at Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, based in Calabasas, who was himself inspired by a high school teacher. Students Womens Air Max 90

Helmy said. "And I got hooked. . He introduced me to the joys of research."

Hampton also mentors undergraduates, encouraging them to do research and apply to graduate school or medical school.

The carnival will have experiments aimed at getting children excited about science. There's a compressed air cannon that shoots marshmallows, for example, and a combusting Gummi Bear.

"I think he saw in me a moderate set of skills to work in a laboratory," Nike Air Max 90 White Orange

That's important in developing the next generation Air Max 90 Yeezy Platinum

As a child, Hampton loved experiments like that. His father, also a chemistry professor, used to toss out ideas for him Nike Air Max Green Blue to explore. That's why he put speakers into a fish tank to see how fish responded to different frequencies of sound. And why he used his model train transformer to create remote control firebombs.

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