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The pair went on to talk about their contrasting sleep times with the Dalai Lama arising early in the mid morning which Brand thought was still evening.

Brand introduced the event by saying he had just met him for the first time and found him "amazing".

"Day is for work, night is for sleep but you can do what makes you happy," said the Tibetan leader.

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"Thank you for sanctioning my lifestyle," replied the comedian.

Brand, who has been a long term supporter of the Tibetan cause, thanked the Dalai Lama as the two hour event drew to a close.

He did not disappoint the crowd of mainly under 25s who were given free entry as he also hosted a question and answer session on stage and obviously created a good impression with the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

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"This person who introduced me is very fit," the Dalai Lama said, "completely informal!

Dalai Lama and Russell Brand enlighten and entertain audience at Manchester Arena

The Dalai Lama and comedian Russell Brand formed an unlikely double act as an audience of youngsters was enlightened and entertained.

He said he was surprised to learn about the outbreaks of violence in the Nike Air Max 90 Men's Shoe On Sale

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"Not really a lot I can do in a situation like this. I just have to go with it."

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The spiritual leader was unperturbed as he revealed that he preferred informality.

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Dialogue was the key to avoid violent conflicts, he said.

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Demonstration and protests were sometimes warranted but never violence, he said.

"He is intense and sort of mellow, which is what you expect Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Black

The Dalai Lama is on a 10 day tour of Britain with a mission to spread his Buddhist teachings of peace and understanding to youngsters.

The Dalai Lama was asked about what message he would give to the youth of Manchester following last summer's riots in the city.

The Dalai Lama said the future was in the hands of the young people who could make change happen.

Brand said: "That was more information then I imagined was possible to receive."

of someone who meditates five times a day," he said. to now introducing the Dalai Lama. It has been an interesting journey."

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He said vision, warm heartedness and determination were necessary to attain those goals and that young people were more open minded.

At one point the Dalai Lama playfully tugged Brand's beard on stage as the joker responded: Nike Air Max 90 Purple

The Dalai Lama then explained how his sleep patterns were unaffected by whatever time zone he was in, although he could not say the same for his toilet habits.

Brand told how he had turned to drugs because there was something missing Nike Air Max For Men in his life and went on to muse if happiness could be derived from consumerism to Danny Welbeck's winner for England against Sweden last night in the Euro 2012 tournament.

"You are the main people who really create the better shape of the world so therefore I think quite certain this century can be more pleasant, more peaceful and more equal."

The Dalai Lama replied: "I think your openness transfers wonderfully."

He continued: "At the age of 16 I lost my freedom. At the age of 24 I lost my own country. During these 50 or 60 years I have faced a lot of problems but I never give up hope. Hope based on truth, hope based on reason."

city and in London and had written to Prime Minister David Cameron to express his sadness.

Brand was master of ceremonies at Manchester Arena where the Dalai Lama addressed several thousands youngsters on the theme Century of Dialogue Stand up and Be the Change.

Brand later quipped: "Did you pick up any spiritual tips?"

"The 21st century belongs to you," he said. "My generation belongs to the 20th century, it has already gone so my generation are ready to say bye bye.

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