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Here goes, the planned spec list reads thusly:

Silverstone GD08B CaseIntel S2600COE Motherboard 2x Socket 20112x Intel Xeon E5 2687W 8 Core, 3.1GHz, 3.8GHz Max Turbo

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Critique my workstation build

Now, when I first looked at the GD08 case, I wrote it off, assuming the EATX specification was just a misprint, or a silly claim that wasn't actually any use, because obviously, the drive cage completely covers the whole back end of an EATX board, and that's where one of the CPU coolers would have to be.

Damage wrote:Don't try to game the requirements by posting everywhere, guys, or I'll nuke you from space.

When I looked more closely into it though, I started to realise that they'd considered it quite well. The bottoms of the bay areas are cut out, to allow upward airflow from the bottom mounted fans at the front.

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Seasonic X 750 Power Supply

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2x Silverstone NT01 Pro heatsinks8x 8GB Hynix DDR3 PC3 12800 ECC Registered

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about it before I got this out)

Phew. so, any glaring pitfalls I haven't spotted?

I'm wondering about the PSU. All told I've got 2x150W TDP CPUs, a 64W TDP graphics card, 8x11W hard drives, various fans, 8 Nike Air Max For Kids Girls sticks Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Essential White

For GPU, check your industry. A 650 might be fine, but if you're rendering stuff, there might be a workstation class card out there that can handle things a little better. I would also consider the ability of adding or using two GPUs for multi monitor support if you would be making use of a lot of real estate.

I've decided to try and build all this into as compact an enclosure as possible, mostly because I like the idea, but also so it's relatively easily transportable in the future, especially if the business expands and I end up building more than one.

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I thought I'd put it up here as a bit of a sanity check, and to make sure I haven't missed any crucial details that could screw up the build after I lay down the cash.

That doesn't help much though, as the divider wall of the 5.25" bay sits directly above where the 2nd CPU socket would be.

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Oh, and I almost forgot! PUT A SSD OR TWO IN THAT MACHINE. Even as a very large cache for a very large array, and even if it means one or two fewer 3TB hard drives, DO IT. You will definitely appreciate it. (Fox also made a point Nike Air Max 90 Fashion

Nike Air Max For Kids Girls

I want to fill up every available 3.5" bay with 3TB drives, and run a Raid 10 array, for maximum performance. To that end, I've picked out a super short ass midrange GeForce card that barely overhangs the end of the PCI E slot, so it doesn't get in the way of the hard drives. Also, with an EATX motherboard installed, the front fan space is limited to a row of 6x60mm fans, instead of the 120mm it comes with. so I've settled on the Sunon HA60251V4 Nike Air Max 90 Og Laser Blue

My solution is, using the NT01 PRO coolers, which are Socket 2011 compatible, are rated for the full 150W the CPUs require, are short enough to fit the height of the case, and most importantly, are L shaped, so I can aim them off towards the side of the case, right in the path of the two 120mm fan side mounts, and crucially rising up right inside the cutout area of the optical drive bays. I'm pretty sure they'll give just enough clearance to avoid touching the RAM too. just.

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Hey all, I've been planning out this crazy workstation build to run my fluid simulation and rendering work, requiring as much CPU power, RAM, disk space and disk speed as I can throw at it, all in one go.


Edit: Samsung 830 SSD as a system drive. of course

So you are going to use this for a long time? Does that mean that you might be swapping out internal components here and there? If so, I would first see if anyone here has worked with this enclosure before so they can testify. And then, just in case, check out more of those enthusiast tower designs that simplify cable routing. They won't be as efficient, but those wiring options could make life easier on rebuilds down the road.

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Finally, are you putting this together as a server AND a workstation, or just a workstation with a lot of storage? In either case, I would seriously consider a second system for backups or general storage. It might knock performance a bit, but the data security is more valuable, IMO, especially for important stuff.

60mm Maglev fan, which seems like it should be pretty quiet while still shifting plenty of fresh air directly up into the hard drive array.

8x Seagate 3TB Constellation CS ST3000NC002

of ram. I guess it could hit about 500 550W peak. so a 750W Seasonic Gold efficiency PSU seems reasonable enough, right?

Did you just post a rant about inefficient tower designs just to present a build that could actually make use of that space? (/sarcasm, etc.)

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