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I was recently holding money for a friend who was facing felony drug charges. He was out on bond and asked if I would keep some of his personal belongings while incarsarated and also asked if I would keep the money. it Nike Air Max 90 2016 White

If a felony charge was dropped to a misdemeanor, how long do i need to check the box? My felony charge was dropped to a misdemeanor. i can find any information on whether.

So since they dropped the felony which is the original reason they took my money, cant I get it back? They tried to charge me with a felony CDS possesion with intent to ditrubute and said the cash was drug money. Obviously I wasnt dealing since I had my pipe ontop of the bag and it was only 7 grams (anything less than 28 grams or 1 ounce is a misdemeanor in MD), so how can they say its drug money? Im also on house arresst for this bullcrap and I have too take a weekly piss test, but the reason they put me on house arrest again was for the felony. But that was dropped so now im house arrest for 2 MISDEMEANORS WTF. Long story short they profiled me because I was in a bad neighborhood and im white. No joke.

Nike Air Max Command Grey

Nike Air Max Command Grey

I am in Maryland, I have a public defender and yes I know it was an illegal search and seizure thats why they dropped the felony(1 because it was an illegal seziure and 2 because they said I had 47 grams when it was really 7). I also told them I was on the way home from the bank and that money Nike Air Max 90 For Sale

Nike Air Max Command Grey

Nike Air Max Command Grey

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Nike Air Max Command Grey

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Nike Air Max Command Grey

Possible felony theft I was fired from my employer they say i stole money by refunding merchendise that was not.

Yes, you should be able to get it back. You have to file a "motion for return of property" with the court and do a "Proof of Service" named the law enforcement agency holding the money. To do that you have to serve them with court papers. You can look it up on eHow, it tells you how to do it. I am helping out a friend who is in the same situation by getting him the court papers and filling them out for him.

Share Abuse Wow! I don think that the police were right in what they did and I would question if it were legal. First of all police officers don take you home so that you can get your drivers licence. They did an illegal search of your apartment,you need a search warrant. Taking anything other then the weed was wrong. Did you get an attorney? You could of fought this and if you had an attorney and he did not get this dropped something is wrong with him. You would lose your money however for bail. This is all wrong on how it was handled. What should of happened when you were stopped is if you did not have your licence then you should of got a ticket,and when you went to court you could of took your licence and the ticket would of been dropped. I know this because it happened to me. Even though it smelt like weed if after the search ,if Nike Air Max Command Grey they did not find anything the most that should of been done is take you in for a drug test it there was any question of your acting high on something. The police was probarly subspecting you of weed because of the money that you had in your pocket. That is alot of money to carry,and not having any Id to show them. It is good they dropped the felony charges. What state are you in? I would sure check the laws out by going online under laws and click in your state.

Nike Air Max Command Grey

Nike Air Max Command Grey

car. I had $2,750 cash in my pocket and they didnt find anything illegal in the car. They took my back too my apartment to get my ID, upon arriving I went in my apartment and left the cops at the door. I walk into my bedroom and get my ID, come back into my living room and the cops are in my apartment searching my stuff. They find 7 grams of weed and my pipe with burnt weed in it also a scale and a few empty bags. They take me too jail and finally give me a statement stating what happened and my charges. In the statement it said that I asked the officer if he would like to come in and held the door open until he passed the threshold (f the police!), it also said I had 47 yes FORTY SEVEN grams of weed. Long story short I spent 3 weeks in jail, paid $1,000 to get bailed out, they seized the $2,750 because of the weed (although the money was in my pocket, no where near the weed) and they also seized another $750 from my apartment, my brand new laptop, flat screen monitor, my credit cards, and my passport. I was being charged with CDS possession with intent to distribute, CDS possession of marihuana (yes they spelled it like that) and possession of paraphernalia. I went to court and they droped the felony which was intent to distribute, and now im on house arresst and piss tests for 2 misdemeanors (2 months so far, another 2 until my next court date). Can I get my $$ ba

Nike Air Max Command Grey

Nike Air Max Command Grey

If you are found not guilty or the case they seized the money on is dropped, you are entitled to receive it back. Your car too. Probably gotta file seperately for that.

was my next 2 months rent. They asked too see any proof that I am working(paystubs) and after they had handcuffed me I told them too look in my drawer for a few paystubs, they only totaled too about $900, the cop said eh this isnt good enough and threw them in the trash.! Also I know for future reference too just say I dont have my ID with me and just take the ticket. But I also didnt think they would just come in my apartment illegally, I thought I would just get my ID and be on my way, you know what I mean.

was a substance bought over the counter, and not listed as a controlled substance Bath Salt at the time of purchase. the prosecutor dropped the felony charge, and. It will be dropped to a misdemeanor if I complete the terms of my probation. I have been unable to find any work because of this.

Currency seized by police, felony dropped, can I get my money back? I was pulled over and I didn have my ID on me, the cops said the car smelled like weed and searched my Air Max 90 Navy Blue Grey White

Oh they did take my car, it was impounded the whole time I was in jail, that was another fee I forgot about.

Currency seized

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