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and refused to send home the extra work.

She described Cargill and her son waiting in a line to meet her when she noticed them. She went to introduce herself to them and found Cargill behavior to be off putting.

Bingham called Tracey Carter, another teacher from Cargill son school. She talked about the same parent teacher night that Booker referred to.

On re direct, Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham asked whether Cargill confrontational attitude was limited to Booker. She said it was not limited to her.

years ago, over most of a year.

The next witness called was Johna Booker, who taught one of Cargill sons. She said they met at the parent teacher night in the fall of 2009.

Day 2 of sentencing phase in capital murder trial of Kimberly Ca

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She said she touched him on the shoulder from behind and that he jumped or flinched in response. She said he did not appear happy, typically.

Booker said she was concerned throughout the school year that Cargill son might be being abused.

Defense Attorney Brett Harrison asked whether Cargill ability to go from being "sweeter than sugar one minute to madder than a hornet the next" was upsetting to Carter. She said it was.

Haas asked if Booker was telling the jury that Cargill caused her son bruises. She said she could not be sure.

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Carter said she was also concerned about Cargill son bruises, and that his explanations for them were implausible.

Bingham asked Booker to describe a series of emails between herself and Cargill. Booker said she missed an email from Cargill while away from school on personal time. She said Cargill sent another email berating her for not responding.

"It was inappropriate," Booker said. "It was more forceful than was needed."

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Bingham asked if Booker would have been frightened to be Cargill alone. She said she wasn scared for her physical safety but knew that she would have to be firm with Cargill.

Bingham asked if Booker noticed a difference when Cargill son spent time with his father and away from his mother. She said she did.

"First she started answering his questions for him," Booker said. "And when I would try to ask him another question she said talking to you. She emphasized the

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TYLER (KYTX) Detective Noel Martin with the Smith County Sheriff Department was the first witness called Tuesday in the sentencing phase of Kimberly Cargill capital murder trial. Cargill was convicted of capital murder Friday in the 2010 death of Cherry Walker. Walker was Cargill son baby sitter and was prepared to testify against Cargill in a child custody case.

Bingham asked if Cargill had ever assaulted Chamberlain. She said Cargill had gotten angry once after Chamberlain found some wet photos in the yard and brought them in to try to dry them out.

Carter listed several other teachers who had concerns about Cargill.

law enforcement agencies and relating to several crimes over the years as belonging to Cargill.

Booker said she decided at that point to engage Cargill in conversation and said they spoke for a while. She said Cargill also had her younger son with her. Booker described the younger son running around the room and said Cargill grew tired of it and grabbed his arm, jerking him back to her.

Booker described a specific incident in which Cargill son had a visible bruise. She said when she asked him about it, his story for how he got it was not believable.

Bingham presented various affidavits describing assaults and property damage crimes for which Cargill had been convicted. The records also showed Cargill failure to comply with court orders in those cases, including probation violations.

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"She came in very agitated that night. She said she was didn have time and was having to meet four teachers," Carter said. "Toward the end of the night she came back to my classroom and was upset because someone had stepped around her in line in another classroom."

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Martin is a fingerprint expert who identified fingerprints from several Air Max 90 White And Silver

Barbara Chamberlain was the next witness. She said her step grandson, Matt Robinson, was Cargill boyfriend at one time, and that she hadn seen Cargill since 1999.

On cross examination, defense attorney Jeff Haas asked how long ago these incidents happened. Booker said it was two Air Max Infrared 90 Og

Bingham asked whether Carter saw Cargill with her younger son that night. Carter said she did.

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Booker said Cargill did not come to school often, but they spoke frequently on the phone. She said it Nike Air Max Classic Bw Black Red White was usually about grades, and that Cargill would demand additional work be sent home whenever her son made a grade lower than a 96. Booker said she was concerned that Cargill would work her son too hard if given the opportunity Nike Air Max 90 Black Sole

"He was much more relaxed about his grades," Booker said. "Before, he would almost come unglued if he made an 80 something on an assignment."

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Booker said she does believe Cargill caused her son bruises. She said she believes the counselor from her school reported the bruises to Child Protective Services.

"He would come to school with various bruises," Booker said. "He would wear long sleeve shirts when it was warm outside. When I would hug him he would stiffen or pull away."

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