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MARIETTA The man convicted of killing a Marietta mother and stabbing her 5 year old son 18 times is pinning his hopes for a new trial on the testimonies of numerous witnesses and experts at a hearing Wednesday in Cobb Superior Court.

"(Daker has) allegedly subpoenaed so many people that the judge may have some questions prior to testimony, as to how a witness would help the motion," he said.

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The judge typically has about 90 days to make a ruling and Treadaway estimated that requests for new trials are granted in only about 5 percent of requests. And when Staley decides in favor of or against Daker's motion, either party could file for an appeal afterward.

"(Her testimony) would have to be explored because it could be an issue of irregularity in the case," Treadaway said.

during the hearing, Daker will be allowed to ask any questions that he might feel will help his case in a request for a new trial.

Daker was found guilty of stabbing Karmen Smith twice in the back and then strangling her with a rope on Oct. 23, 1995, and then stabbing her son. The child survived.

Among those who have been subpoenaed are Daker's former counsel during the murder trial last fall, Jason Treadaway and his father Mike Treadaway, metro Atlanta news reporters who covered the case and even the owner of Mamie's Cupcakes on the Marietta Square, Mamie Doyle.

The Cobb District Attorney's Office wasn't aware of the final number either and no one was willing to speak about the hearing prior to Staley's ruling, said Kim Isaza, spokesperson for District Attorney Vic Reynolds.

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No one was able to give the exact number of subpoenas issued, including the Cobb County Sheriff's Office, which is responsible for issuing the court documents, or the Cobb County Clerk of Courts.

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detective called and stopped all further testing. (I can't think of a better time to question a witness) DAKER has BROWN eyes. Blatz recanting some of her testimony and the newly discovered evidence. WASEEM DAKER NEEDS TO GET A FAIR NEW TRIAL. UNFORTUNEALTY, IN COBB COUNTY, IT WON'T HAPPEN. This is such a gross miscarriage of justice. It is all about convictions and NOT justice. If I were a juror, I would be UPSET that a LOT of evidence was withheld.

He also said that Air Max 90 Vintage

Karmens ex husband had a history of being abusive. He fought with Karmen the evening before the murder and the morning of the murder. He called in sick to work the day of the murder. There were OTHER ex boyfriends Nike Air Max Classic 90 Karmen had problems with and even threatened to kill her and her son. The murder Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue Grey White

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Mike Treadaway, who was in court briefly last fall as a standby attorney for Daker before Daker decided to represent himself, said he too has heard that a lot of people have been subpoenaed for the case, including his son and himself, but no number has been revealed.

Daker trying for new trial in attacks

Blatz, who was the state's star witness in the 2012 trial, filed two affidavits in March recanting a majority of what she testified to under oath at Daker's trial last fall and during a previous trial in 1996 that ended in his conviction for aggravated assault against her.

Blatz recants, could retake stand

Wrangling in the subpoenas

Waseem Daker, who was sentenced to life in prison plus 47 years in 2012 for the 1995 killing of Karmen Smith and the assault of her son, Nick Smith, will appear before Judge Mary Staley on Aug. 7.

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Courthouse officials have not said if Blatz is among those who have been subpoenaed.

Just because you allow someone their day in court does NOT mean the Judge would be fair or they would get a fair trial. CLEARLY the Judge favored the prosecution and clearly did NOT like Daker. It was OBVIOUS to all who observed.


"The key component on these types of things, though, are ineffective assistance of counsel but with him not having any counsel, that's not helpful to him here," Treadaway said.

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weapon (the rope) had 2 DNA profiles, neither were Dakers. Other hairs, head and pubic NOT Dakers, OTHER evidence that was crucial enough for the Detective to fly to the private lab in Texas for testing but once the evidence was coming back as NOT DAKERS, the Nike Air Max 90 Black Sole

Our Justice system is NOT perfect but when you have a clear bias in the courtroom from the Judge who is suppose to uphold the law and NOT show favoritism, it WAS NOT and CAN NOT be fair. This is a prime example of how the system bent over backwards to make sure they secured a conviction instead of seeing true justice served.

It will be Staley's decision as to whom Daker can call to testify, as well as who will be allowed to submit information, and Treadaway said one of those people could be Loretta Spencer Blatz.

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