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According to the arrest report, Bieber slow deliberate movements and appeared to be in a stupor when the officer ordered him to exit his vehicle. Bieber was arrested after repeatedly refusing to put his hands on his vehicle so the officer could pat him down to look for weapons, the report said. It says he cursed several times at the officer and demanded to know why he was being arrested. At one point, Bieber said to an officer: the f did I do, why did you stop me? failed a field sobriety test and was taken to the Miami Beach police station for a Breathalyzer, police said. Results haven been released.

think this case will proceed hopefully as any other case would proceed, said Bieber attorney, Roy Black, whose other celebrity clients have included Rush Limbaugh and William Kennedy Smith.

Still, as he has been so many times since achieving stardom at age 15, Bieber was swarmed by crowds of news media and screaming young girls as he left jail Thursday afternoon. He popped through a window of his black SUV in a black hoodie and sunglasses to wave back.

Nike Air Max Cb 94 For Sale

A neighbour had previously accused Bieber of spitting in his face, and a paparazzo called deputies after he said Bieber kicked him, but prosecutors declined to file charges in either instance. He was also accused of reckless driving in his neighbourhood, but in October prosecutors refused to seek charges because it was unclear whether Bieber was driving.

Justin Bieber mug shot hints at the boy next door image he carefully crafted over the past several years, with a Nike Air Max Cb 94 For Sale glistening smile and professionally upswept hair.

Nike Air Max Cb 94 For Sale

escorted to a closed Air Max 90 White Croc

Lamborghini and Sharieff was driving a Ferrari. Both cars were towed. Police say Bieber was clocked at nearly double the area 30 mph speed limit near a high school, youth centre, golf course, city firehouse and small apartment buildings.

Nike Air Max Cb 94 For Sale

Bieber has been accused of wrongdoing in California but has never been arrested or charged. He is currently under investigation in a felony vandalism case after a neighbour reported the pop star threw eggs at his house and caused thousands of dollars of damage.

For a first DUI offence, there is no minimum jail sentence and a maximum of six months, a fine of $250 to $500, and 50 hours of community service. For anyone under 21, there is an automatic six month license suspension.

Nike Air Max Cb 94 For Sale

Under Florida law, people under the age of 21 are considered to be driving under the influence if they have a blood alcohol content of 0.02 per cent or more a level the 5 foot 9, 140 pound star could reach with one drink.

A Miami Dade County judge set Bieber bond at $2,500 Thursday afternoon. Sharieff bond was set at $1,000 for a DUI charge.

Nike Air Max Cb 94 For Sale

Nike Air Max Cb 94 For Sale

Police said they arrested a bleary eyed Bieber smelling of alcohol after officers saw him drag racing before dawn Thursday on a palm lined residential street in Miami Beach, his yellow Lamborghini travelling at nearly twice the speed limit.

Police escorts from the airport are not uncommon, but they must follow procedure because they involve city vehicles, Assistant City Manager David Chiverton said.

Bieber arrival in Florida earlier this week also is under investigation.

Nike Air Max Cb 94 For Sale

Police said Bieber was driving the Nike Air Max 90 Trainers

off section of the club. They enjoyed the dancers and ordered a large amount of bottled water, but no alcoholic beverages were sold to them, said Ricky Rick Taylor in a statement.

Nike Air Max Cb 94 For Sale

Police Chief Ray Martinez said the singer was initially not co operative when the officer pulled him over. Martinez said the singer also had an expired Georgia driver license.

Nike Air Max Cb 94 For Sale

His arrest in Miami is unlikely to affect the egg throwing investigation, which included nearly a dozen detectives searching Bieber home last week searching for video surveillance and other evidence that could be used to pursue a vandalism charge.

But the red jail jumpsuit also visible in the photo tells a different story, one about the singer recent troubles and emergence as a bad boy. The 19 year old pop star is facing possible jail time after his arrest in Florida on charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

had a lot of fun, Taylor said. hope he returns again. Canadian born Bieber was only 15 when his platinum selling debut World was released. His brand was clean cut and charming, earning him an invitation to sing for President Barack Obama and his family at Christmas. But his image tarnished as he got older.

Bieber and his large entourage were Air Max 90 Neon Green

Bieber is also being sued by a former bodyguard who says the singer repeatedly berated him, hit him in the chest and owes him more than $420,000 in overtime and other wages. The case is scheduled to go to trial in Los Angeles next month.

Bieber reportedly spent far more money at a Miami strip club Monday night, when the King of Diamonds club tweeted that Bieber ordered $75,000 in dollar bills. The club operator later acknowledged that was an exaggeration and that the singer only stayed about an hour.

The 19 year old singer later admitted smoking marijuana, drinking and taking a prescription medication, police said.

cut boy next door to bad boy

Nike Air Max Cb 94 For Sale

Nike Air Max Cb 94 For Sale

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