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Edit:Steel wrote:Here's a couple options:

The FirePro that was linked is a good option but it's Nike Air Max 90 Leather

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Could someone give me some advice as what would be the best way to achieve a 4 monitor set up on a new computer build?

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That FirePro card looks nice if you don't care about being able to run 6 monitors. It doesn't have a fan, which is a plus. The Matrox card will only do 4 analog connections, and even then you need to buy an extra adapter.

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Daytrader using multiple monitors

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All NVIDIA 600 and 700 series cards support four single link (max. You only need to find one with four actual connectors. Ooh, here's one. 6814125511 (GTX750Ti)You could grab a second hand 5870 Eyefinity6 for about 80 to 100 euros if they're available to you (they are in the Netherlands). That's quite a bit cheaper than the 7750 and FirePro 2460 mentioned. You might need a bigger power supply though, even if only for the presence of the 6+8 power connectors. You're not going to draw any where near that amount of power with the 2D tasks you mentioned, but it won't budge without them.

Edit, for more clarification: With the 2600xt you could run 5 monitors on a haswell setup (3 on board + 2 from the 2600xt), Nike Air Max Cb 94 if there are windows 8 drivers for that 7yr old card.

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a couple options:

I currently have 2 monitors set up on my Dell PC. I have 6 charts displayed on one monitor, the other monitor has two charts, a quote board window with several stocks listed, a time sales window, and a couple other small items. All of these charts/windows have streaming data coming in continuously while I'm logged into them. All of this is coming from one ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT graphics card with 2 DVI display ports.

I will look into the links you all posted after I post this message.

relatively expensive to get more than 3 outputs on one card.

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Matrox M9120 Plus

I'm sure this won't be my only question regarding a new PC build so I appreciate the help from any and all who wish to help me.

If 3 isn't enough, then you can add a low power card from nvidia or ATI to get your extra monitor support, both support 3 monitors, and ATI has some 6 monitor cards. Windows 8 allows you to run a add in video card alongside the integrated intel video.

I will keep my current 2 monitor PC for other than trading on. The new build will be strictly for trading purposes.

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I want to build a new PC, first time builder and I'd like to increase my monitors from 2 to 4.

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AMD FirePro 2460

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It comes with 2 mini DP to single link DVI adapters, so you would still be able to use your current monitors unless they require dual link connections. Then just add 2 (or even 4) new monitors with DisplayPort inputs.

I will install Windows 7 on the new build as I've heard it's trader friendly and much more manageable for a traders needs than Windows 8.

Here's an AMD Radeon HD 7750 with 6 mini DisplayPorts for $250:

Hello, I'm new to the forum and thanks for any assistance someone can provide regarding my question(s).

Some others will give more detailed answers, but if you are not gaming you don't need to spend much (or anything) on a video card. I know haswell (intel's current gen) supports triple monitors (as long as the board also supports it, my board has DVI, HDMI, DP, and VGA).

Just so you all know:

I trade stocks on a daily and multi daily/weekly basis. My software provider for my charting program is eSignal and my broker is MB Nike Air Max 90 Tokyo Women's

Will I need to install 2 graphics cards with 2 DVI ports on each card to get the 4 monitor set up?

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