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"That number increases dramatically when criminals target cabling particularly rail, power and communications which can deprive thousands of people of transport links and vital utilities."

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Organised crime gangs are thought to be behind a huge rise in metal thefts across Greater Manchester. There have been 3,372 recorded incidents over the last six months compared to 1,482 in the twelve months from April 2008.

BTP have taken thieves to court for metal theft and also conspiracy to steal cable, which carries a longer sentence.

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Crime gangs move in on scrap metal goldmine as prices soar

The latest theft was of nearly 400 feet of cable. John Yarwood, owner of electronic manufacturing firm Data Design said: "Everyone is fed up. No one really knows the true impact this is having on our Nike Air Max 90 Woven

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SCRAP yards are where thieves head to make a quick buck. Police are now in talks with the Home Office to tighten up the law. Another option to make it compulsory for dealers to require proof of identity from people who sell them metal. Currently, dealers only have to ask for a name and record it. British Transport Police are visiting all scrap yards to 'educate' dealers about accepting stolen goods.

Deputy Chief Constable Paul Crowther, who heads the Association of Chief Police Officers' metal theft working group, said: "When thieves steal lead from residential properties it is the householders that suffer when they steal from a school or church hundreds of people are potentially affected.

It means the region has one of the highest rates of metal thefts in the country. Thieves have targeted church roofs, schools, homes, railways, phone lines, chimney stacks, grids, manhole covers and memorial plaques.

companies as there is no way of knowing how many calls and emails we are missing."

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Nike Air Max Camouflage For Sale

A police source said: "The number of thefts indicates a level of organisation. Criminals know how lucrative this is."

Chief Inspector, Rachel Buckle, from GMP said: "We are targeting not only the thieves, but those who move stolen metal on." Bernie Auguste, head of security for Openreach, the service division of BT, said: "Cable theft affects people who rely on access to phones and broadband. It can leave the vulnerable with reduced access."

Now, Greater Manchester Police, BTP, United Utilities, British Telecom , Network Rail and Crimestoppers have joined together to fight the problem. They are calling for regulations surrounding scrap dealers to be tightened. There are also lobbying for tougher sentences for metal thieves.

Businesses on the George Street estate were forced to rely on their mobiles while phone lines are down.

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"But if it has markings on it clearly indicating its source, we would take action."

Centre in Failsworth, Oldham.

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Police can seize metal and prosecute dealers for handling stolen goods.

Geoff Kerfoot, from neighbouring CST Automatic, said: "There is a huge loss of revenue as people are trying to get through on the line. It's disgusting."

A spokeswoman for BT said: "We are working with the police and other organisations who are also affected by this type of crime."

COPPER thieves have targeted phone lines on an industrial estate five times so far this year.

Seventeen companies have been hit on the Crown Business Red Air Max 90 Hyperfuse

"Sometimes a dealer may have taken metal in good faith and it can be difficult to say where it has come from.

BT say that poles, overhead and underground cables have been targeted in 80 thefts or attempted thefts of copper since April. Failsworth, Collyhurst, and Cheetham Hill, are the areas worst hit. Metal theft is estimated to cost UK industry approximately 770m annually and the crime cost the rail industry 43m in 2010 alone.

metals have rocketed over the last few years because of an insatiable demand from China and India. There have been rail delays, phone lines cut and communities left with huge bills. Churches in Manchester last year had more lead thefts than any other area in Britain.

British Transport Police say Nike Air Max Camouflage For Sale that to date 2011 has seen 'unprecedented' levels of thefts from rail lines with 1,151 in the first four and a half months of the year.

A BTP spokesman said: "The majority of scrap dealers are law abiding but there is a small number who are not. We have issued cable guides with images identifying cable used by different organisations.

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They have stolen lead, copper, iron, steel, bronze and aluminium. The scrap value of these Nike Air Max Green And Gray

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