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This book fills that gap. Failure is NotaAn Option lays out the eight fundamental risks every retiree faces during the uncertainty of retirement. In the process it will help the reader achieve what everyone is really after peace of mind."

An exciting financial planning book for future and current baby booming retiree's who want to get the most out of life.

In reviewing this book Charles Schwab Jr. states that, "If you at or near retirement, this is a must read. Failure is Not an Option provides a compass for making the most of the second half of your financial journey. After reading David Rosell's book, you'll want to explore all that life has to offer."

infamous peaks of the Nepalese Himalayas that then leads to a profound financial lesson."

In the current world financial picture there are many questions on how to best manage and preserve ones wealth, all with no guarantees that any one system will work and protect your retirement funds. Rosell explains, "Nothing in life is absolutely certain. What I do know is that in today new world economy there is so much doubt in people retirement. Failure is Not an Option will help one create more certainty in the uncertainty of retirement."

Rosell likens successful retirement investment to first climbing a mountain and then Descending Safely, which is necessary to fully enjoy your accomplishment. He says only then can you enjoy the success in your retirement years coming from a sound financial history of wise investment. "The same can be said for the second half of one's financial journey. climbing to the top of the mountain). climbing back down the mountain). This is also the phase that requires most of the planning and entails most of the risk. Retirees need to come down the other side Nike Air Max Camo Green

Nike Air Max Bw Persian Violet

Nike Air Max Bw Persian Violet

safely no matter what the future brings."

wanted the book to be educational and entertaining. He began writing the book blending his travel and life experiences with financial knowledge and says, "My intention was to create a financial planning book that is actually FUN to read while educating the reader with prudent financial lessons.

Creating Certainty in The Uncertainty of Retirement released

Nike Air Max Bw Persian Violet

At first one might think that this is just another of the many financial planning books that inundate the market with typical investment ideas that are currently popular. But Rosell has gone two steps further with this insightful book combining life stories of travel, accomplishment, camaraderie and adventure with sound financial principals that resonate with his life's journeys and his successful financial planning career as owner of Rosell Wealth Management in Bend.

Each chapter transports the reader on a true life adventure from being one of the privileged to partake in tearing down the Berlin Wall to spending three weeks climbing the Air Max 90 Gray And Black

Nike Air Max Bw Persian Violet

Nike Air Max Bw Persian Violet

As his writing began to take shape Rosell wanted his book to be different than a strict wealth building guide to the future. He Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Red

Rosell explains, "Most financial books educate the reader on how to accumulate wealth or how to get out of debt. However few resources teach what to do once you have reached the top, even though you are faced with the unique and potentially devastating risks as you begin the second half of your financial journey."Currently In this age of financial instability anyone with a diminishing investment portfolio is searching for new ideas.

Nike Air Max Bw Persian Violet

Nike Air Max Bw Persian Violet

To create momentum for his new book Rosell personally wrote many of the people who influenced his values and ideas as he grew from an impressionable youth to a successful businessperson.

Rosell is a world traveler and he has been keeping journals on his travels throughout his life.

"Through engaging real life travelogues and practical advice, David Rosell charts a clear and defined course to successful retirement. Entrepreneurs like me understand that the failure is not an option mantra is a necessary component of survival. David book provides the recipe for financial success that we all need to not just survive in retirement, but to thrive. I lift a glass to that."

Nike Air Max Bw Persian Violet

Nike Air Max Bw Persian Violet

Nike Air Max Bw Persian Violet

Bend financial planner David Rosell has just released his first book, Failure is Not an Option, Creating Certainty in The Uncertainty of Retirement, that outlines clear ideas for your investment strategies and planning for your senior years.

However the review I like the best describing the book comes from Gary D. Fish, CEO of Deschutes Brewery Inc.

He has many stories to share and this is why he has combined the book to be full of his travel and life experiences while sharing his financial knowledge. When asked why he felt a need to write the book Rosell explains, "My life has been shaped by years of international travel and adventure. My book combines my two passions by unexpectedly melding travel stories with important financial lessons."

As Rosell progressed through his life he has listened to many mentors Nike Air Max Bw Persian Violet and learned some of his life's lessons from the planets most accomplished and distinguished financial planners, life coaches and personal development trainers.

Nike Air Max Bw Persian Violet

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