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Under the reduced sentence approved by Sessions, Brown will complete his time in jail for that charge in a few days, although he will apparently still be "required to complete a modest term of imprisonment with the state of New York" according to court records.

Crack offenders might be freed

Bizon has asked the federal court to drop the nearly eight year term he began serving in 2003 by about a year.

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who was sentenced to 15 years in December 2002, is now in federal prison in Pennsylvania, according to court records. Morales, originally from New York City, asked the court to reduce his sentence to less than 12 years under the new guidelines.

"The defendant conspired to distribute heroin, cocaine and cocaine base for years in his native Bennington," according to Darrow's motion.

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Neither the Federal Defender's office in Vermont nor Anderson's office would comment on the re sentencing.

In addition, "Main benefited from an extraordinary drop from 324 months (2001 sentencing), to a 235 293 month range to a 120 150 month range at his 2005 sentencing, all the way down to a maximum 96 month sentence, which was further reduced to 84 months," according to the motion. "Main should not benefit from a further sentence reduction," Darrow concludes.

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Sessions has already granted the motion of at least one of the offenders in that first group to have his sentence reduced to time already served. After a plea agreement under which prosecutors dropped two charges he was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for conspiracy to distribute five grams or more of crack.

"Ultimately, the commission determined that the statutory purposes of sentencing are best served by retroactive application of the amendment," the members of the group said in a December statement.

Last fall, the commission after years of unsuccessfully recommending Congress change the drug statutes lowered the sentencing guidelines for crack on its own. But the commission created a stir by then voting unanimously to make those changes retroactive, meaning some currently serving jail time for drug convictions would have their sentences reduced.

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Another of the offenders who is requesting a reduction in sentence is the man with whom Collins competed in Rutland.

Demetrius Collins is one such offender.

The commission's members urged courts to consider public safety when re sentencing offenders, and renewed its call for congressional action. They also pointed out that the impact of the reduced sentences will be felt over three decades, since some offenders are serving lengthy sentences.

could be as many as 24 inmates affected by the decision.

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Vermont has fairly few such offenders, compared to the rest of the country. Even in the small rural state, however, there Nike Air Max 90 Drawing

In his motion, Darrow also asked the federal judges not to consider reducing the sentence of Nike Air Max 90 Cheap

"Only Congress can provide a comprehensive solution to a fundamental unfairness in federal sentencing policy," the sentencing commission wrote in December, after making its decision.

Judge William K. Sentencing Commission.

For instance, similar sentences were handed down for the sale of 500 grams of powder cocaine and five grams of cocaine base, or crack, under the federal law passed in 1986.

While in prison, Brown completed his General Educational Development degree, and courses in drug education and investing. Attorney's Office. Attorney's Office in Vermont, wrote in a motion now being considered by the court.

Main's criminal history including assault and attempted robbery before the drug charges for which he is now serving time and the duration of his current sentence mean he should not be given a reduced sentence, according to the court filing.

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Several of the offenders in that second group also have ties to crack dealing in Rutland and have already moved for lower sentences under the new guidelines.

one of the 24 offenders, Christopher Main of Bennington.

Jesus Morales, Air Max 90 Pink Black

Willie Bizon, another offender serving time for conspiracy to distribute five or more grams of crack cocaine in the Rutland area, has also asked for a lighter sentence. At the time of his sentencing, his defense attorney said Bizon, nicknamed "Vandal," had a criminal history more in keeping with a user than a dealer of drugs.

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Those are divided into two groups. The first half dozen or so would be eligible for release within six months under the new sentencing guidelines. Bureau of Prisons within weeks at the latest.

MONTPELIER Two dozen inmates in federal prison for crack cocaine violations in Vermont may be eligible for reduced sentences or release under new federal sentencing guidelines, including a group of men convicted of such offenses in Rutland several years ago. Attorney Thomas Anderson, who have written to federal judges asking they allow objections to the re sentencing in some of those Vermont cases. Sentencing Commission have been concerned that those convicted of crack cocaine offenses were given harsher sentences in Nike Air Max Brown some cases, much harsher than those convicted of crimes involving similar amounts of powdered cocaine.

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