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Twenty minutes later, Joe from Fill in the blank Roofing sits down with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, and shows them photos of their roof damaged by hail. He tells them they need to act immediately to take advantage of their insurance coverage. Otherwise they be replacing their roof on their own dime much sooner than the time span they expected. Mr. Johnson is alarmed, but also knows his insurance coverage comes with a deductible.

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really. Now, if you allow us to inspect your roof, and if we find damage, we can get your insurance company to provide you a new roof free!

well even though a good roof should last at least 20 years, we had a devastating hail storm a few months back, and we have found significant hail damage in your subdivision.

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What's left?? Do they honestly fail to notice that the scam costs EVERYONE? Is this an income redistribution Nike Air Max Force 2

On moral and financial grounds, I do not like supporting these fraudulent claims.

The final part that needs investigation is that the claims agents for the insurance companies support the fraudulent claims submitted by the roofers. Possible collusion??

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Nike Air Max Black Purple And Blue

The second issue of the price to cover the deductible is, apparently and old, established American custom fostered by automobile insurance users. This is not an excuse, but I find it amazing that folks who will tell you they are abiding do not hesitate to lie and cheat because insurance is involved. Many of he clients will participate in this scam and then attend church the next Sunday without a scintilla of guilt.

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Nike Air Max Black Purple And Blue

Dale Cardwell Beware of roofers who offer to lie

Roof insurance fraud costs Georgians millions of dollars. How serious is the problem? Experts say the fraud accounts for up to 18 percent of your insurance premium costs.

Jim and the WSB team caught one roofer red handed, offering that very illegal deal. What that roofer didn know is the home was covered with hidden cameras, documenting his scam. The same cameras caught roofers using coins and other instruments intentionally damaging shingles to make them look as if they been damaged by hail. Thousands of Georgians have received new roofs in the past few years through this very scam. A sterling example of this is Dr. Roof. Owner David Friedlander and his team passed my seven point investigation with superlative marks (price, quality and customer service must be exceptional).

Josh Wade who captured the fraud on tape, as well as Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens for blowing the off this expensive scam.

corners in places you can see. For peace of mind, call honest contactors, folks like David Friedlander. Sundays on 640 AM WGST.

Quite frankly, there are a handful of roofers who deliver on most of these points. What set Dr. Roof apart? David Friedlander looked me in the eye, and said, we don lie, we don cut corners, and every single roof job is inspected by an independent party to make certain we do the job right. Folks, when David Friedlander looks you in the eye, you know you dealing with an honest man. So here my advice.

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If you want to take a chance with a scam artist, who might very well end up with you on the news, that your choice. But know this: If they openly telling you they cheat your insurer, they also cheating you by cutting Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Navy

I watched with fascination as my former WSB colleague, Jim Strickland, recently exposed shady roofers. The fact is, roof insurance fraud has been a huge problem in Georgia for some time, and I applaud Jim, photojournalists Richard Guittar, Oscar Carrillo, Erica Jorgensen and Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Olive

to worry, Joe says. you me, we charge your insurance $600 more than we actually charge you. Poof! Your deductible is covered!

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Mr. Johnson says.

man, Mr. Johnson says, don want to lose the value of my current roof, but $600 is hard to come by these days.

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ploy? (Sarcasm.)

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Well said, misterbill. I had the same experience of having folks tell me I could get my 18 year old roof replaced just about free by filing a claim with my insurance company for damage. The inspector said there was some wear on the roof and of possible hail damage. But, we had no leaks and no sign of leaks and the could not find any leaks. So, we waited a few more years with no problem and paid for a new roof ourselves.

It is well over a year now, but the damage folks have come and gone. If you drive through my neighborhood of over 80 homes, you will see at least half of the roofs have been replaced. That provides unfair competition to those roofers who follow our rule of law.

Then, displaying Nike Air Max Black Purple And Blue a complete lack of any wrong doing or guilt, some of the home owners will tell you in neighborhood chit chat, how well they did on their roofing deal and just like the auto scammers will bemoan the escalation of home owner insurance premiums the next year.

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