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"Then I took it Nike Air Max Black Pink apart in a mathematical way so I could understand it. Yes, solving it has made me very happy."

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He's 40, recently married and has finally solved the Rubik's Cube. Dave Gorman is the man who presents his comedy very clearly.

"I use 850 slides. It turns out our brains can cope with that many if they are funny and not about sales figures.

''I quickly got used to saying 'my wife'. It feels natural and bloody lovely!

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He seems much more thrilled by the second milestone, though.

"But some people were strangely upset with me for not cycling on this tour."

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"I apologise for being schmaltzy, but I really can't remember what it felt like not to be married to Beth.

For the Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop and Stand Up tour, he cycled 1,563 miles from the southernmost point of Britain, taking in the most easterly, westerly and northerly, and playing gigs along the way.

Well, solving it by cheating, to be exact.

"I had one 30 years ago, when I was ten, and couldn't do it," he remembers.

"I got over it. But I recently picked one up and started playing with it, and suddenly it really annoyed me that I couldn't solve it. I had to look up the answer, though, I don't believe you if you say you worked it out yourself.

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that tour, but you can't keep doing that. It's a nightmare trying to find venues 60 miles apart which are available on consecutive nights.

"I gather that one of the traditional rules is that you must never use more than 20 slides because that's enough for the human brain to take in.

For his Important Astrology Experiment, he lived his life for 40 days following instructions given in his horoscope.

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"I loved doing Pink Air Max 90 Shanghai

is being driven around the country on this tour, in contrast to his last where he cycled between venues.

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Dave Gorman on Powerpoint

Dave has become famous for his wacky experiments, starting with Are You Dave Gorman? After a drunken bet with his flatmate Danny Wallace, he set out to find 53 people around the world who shared his name.

Dave recently celebrated two landmarks his 40th birthday and his first wedding anniversary.

He has finally completed the 3D conundrum of the Rubik's Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Moire On Feet

"The funny thing is, I've never had any training. I just opened up the box and played with it."

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"But I never pay much attention to birthdays. I have to share them with my twin brother, so it's always felt diluted.

Dave, who dropped out of a maths degree to become a comedian, is a self confessed geek. He admits he's been whiling away the travelling time on tour by solving a 30 year old mystery.

"I've never had to sit through John from head office telling me about sales figures from the third quarter," admits Stafford born Dave, who is touring the country with his PowerPoint projector.

"One night, a Norwegian came up after the show and told me 'You are the first person in this country I have seen who can use PowerPoint'.

"They accuse me of using different software because I am doing things that they can't. Apparently I'm doing things that the experts don't know how to do well, me and the Norwegians.

Cube, still the world's bestselling puzzle.

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The phrases "PowerPoint presentation" and "comedy gold" really shouldn't go together.

"And after every show, the geekiest person in the audience will send me a pompous message on Twitter saying 'You weren't using PowerPoint, you were using Keynote!'.

"My act is very different to that. And it's not a parody of a business presentation, it's just a very handy way for me to quickly get a lot of information across on a big screen.

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