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Barker's used to fit snugly between the Tudor and Marsden's grocery store, and it was a must for us lads in the late '50s and early '60s to pay a visit before going into the cinema, in order to buy as many packets of A Bubblegum as we could afford.

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Of course this added to the general hilarity of the occasion and quite often a blustering manager had to come on stage in front of the screen to plead with the kids to quieten down or they would be sent home.

It was not beyond the bounds of possibility to see a cowboy shot and killed and then suddenly reappear a few reels later right as rain.

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country's national flag, while on the reverse were some facts about the country in question and a few phrases in their native tongue.

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Thomas Quiller Couch.

Tudor being one of the first cinemas in Nottingham to reopen during the Second World War, the White Moths were among the first to be attracted to special children's shows which included education features for those not at school. However, kids being kids, it was reported that at such showings the level of noise from the audience could be incredible.

And then, a couple of weeks later, when the topic of conversation had switched to the old Tudor Cinema, which stood proudly at the junction of Rectory Road and Central Avenue in West Bridgford from 1931 to Nike Air Max Black Croc 1959, he suddenly said: "I was a White Moth you know."

It was often a cue for the volume to rise to even greater heights!

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It's possible it might have been influenced by the 1924 silent film of the same name which featured a young Ben Lyon (Life With the Lyons) or could it have been as a result of the famous poem The White Moth by Sir Arthur Air Max 90 2014 Women White

In fact, it could have been for one of a dozen different reasons.

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Whatever, he seems to recall that all the kids had badges to say that they were White Moths.

We both remember that immediately round the corner from the Tudor, just on to Central Avenue, there was Barker's sweet shop, which attracted both of us in our respective childhoods.

On one side you would find a particular Nike Air Max Dynasty Blue

My father has the peculiar memory that he used to buy monkey nuts there and, presumably along with his friends, flicked the empty shells over the Tudor's balcony on to the kids below on the occasions when they could afford the extra penny to sit upstairs (fourpence as opposed to threepence.)

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Dad was a White Moth in days when West Bridgford had a cinema of its own

From my own days of visiting the Tudor on a Saturday morning in the 1950s, I remember that films were often shown which had been main features and as a result of the reels being rather worn, they either broke down or were shown in the wrong order.

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In 1959 the craze was to collect the series Flags of the World.

I shook the telephone and asked him to repeat what he'd just told me.

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