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Among the cutting edge innovations the Common Core is bringing to classrooms are games involving cards with number facts on them, like "16 9." Doesn't anyone remember flashcards? I do, and that was in 1956.

The claim that fairy tales are just now beginning to "teach important moral and ethical principles" could only be made by someone who's never read a fairy tale. It's equally ridiculous and monumentally arrogant to claim that the Common Core is bringing a discussion of Nike Air Max 90 Essential Grey

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Second, many students are either unable or unwilling to remember the plot of a story. Third, you can't think critically about a story or anything else unless you can remember it.

AP's report characterizes the Common Core's critics as "mainly tea party aligned conservatives." I am not a member of the tea party. During the federal government shutdown, the only politicians who incensed me more than tea party adherents were the other Republicans too frightened to vote against them.

Considerations like these are worthy of discussion and best left to teachers, schools and local school boards. Yet the Common Core lays down its timetable as an absolute from on high and then condemns its critics as unreasonable extremists, unwilling to face 21st century education reality.

Midway through "The Natural," Roy Hobbes is talking with the Judge, his baseball team's owner. Experts disdainfully attach the word "rote" to memorization to suggest "unthinking" repetition, but the definition "routine" better conveys the role that rote knowledge plays in learning. Some things, like your name, the alphabet and the counting numbers, need to be Nike Air Max Bw Ultra Red

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AP's report states that, contrary to critics' charges that the Common Core imposes a national curriculum, the "standards are not a curriculum." The fact is the standards dictate the specific skills and knowledge that schools must teach at every specific grade level. That's a curriculum.

The article's boosters mock "non Common Core" assignments where students summarize "which character said what" instead of analyzing whether the characters were "honest." Except "who said what" and "what does it mean" are worthwhile questions. Good teaching has always involved summary and analysis. The Common Core didn't invent either. You can't discuss a character's honesty unless you can decipher what he said. Learning to do that is necessary, painstaking work, and it's something children aren't born knowing how to do.

That inexhaustible pot of cash accounts in part for the endless barrage of voices and news items singing the Common Core's praises. One recent Associated Press report opens by declaring that "simply remembering the plot" of a story is "no longer good enough." That's purportedly because the Common Core requires that students "think critically."

Where's the virtue or necessity in the Common Core requirement that subtraction be "introduced in kindergarten instead of first grade?" My schooling experience isn't the only model for a public education, but my classmates and I learned subtraction in first grade and calculus as seniors. Very few students need to know calculus, even in the 21st century. What's the rush in kindergarten, especially when it shortchanges children by introducing crucial basic skills before many are developmentally ready?

The Common Core isn't the spawn of Satan. It's simply the latest in a recycled line of exhausting, distracting, ill conceived education reform schemes. It includes some good ideas and some bad ideas. The Common Core will last about as long before it's similarly moribund, and that's only because it's backed by money supplied by its godfather, Bill Gates.

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As for the groundbreaking Common Core expectation that students must show their "strategy for solving" a problem, math teachers have been requiring students to show their work forever. Decent teachers have always asked their students to "dig deeper" than simply knowing "facts." But you Nike Air Max Black Camo can't become a "lifelong problem solver" without mastering facts.

principles to classrooms for the first time. Speaking of fairy tales, it's further worth noting that the Common Core doesn't look kindly on fiction.

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If it's not, somebody better tell all the publishers who are eagerly turning out textbooks and software as if it were.

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learned by rote so they're routine and not something you have to look up on your iPhone. Many other facts and details, such as the name of the ocean next to Connecticut, also need to be memorized and mastered so they're rote, routine knowledge.

Cutting through the canards

I teach seventh and eighth grade students. Here are a few facts from my classroom world. First, remembering the plot of a story has never been enough. If you don't believe me, ask Socrates. Nike Air Max Black Colour

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