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So far, the commission hasn't taken up the idea of banning such contracts and has instead dealt with such issues as early termination fees, allowing the consumer to cancel service at any time.

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The Canadian Radio television and Telecommunication Commission has begun a week of public hearings in Gatineau, Que., on its proposed wireless code, which is aiming for a set of national standards for the content and clarity of cellphone contracts.

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The CRTC is also scheduled to hear from wireless service providers Telus, Bell Canada, MTS Allstream, SaskTel and Quebecor later this week.

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The Nike Air Max Black Black federal Competition Bureau said it supports measures to limit contract length.

"Consumers are tired of locked handsets. Consumers are often in shock after opening a bill where roaming charges or coverage fees have been applied."

heard Monday.

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roaming fees.

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GATINEAU, Que. Lengthy, iron clad contracts, locked handsets and high roaming fees should be things of the past as the national telecom regulator drafts a new wireless code, the CRTC Nike Air Max 90 Womens Size 12

CRTC begins hearings into proposed wireless code

Indeed, the CRTC says it heard a lot of angry comments about three year contracts offered by wireless carriers when it was putting together a draft version of the national code for wireless services.

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The draft code says the carrier must provide the consumer with the means to unlock the device after no more than 30 days of service, at the rate specified in the contract.

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any revisions to the wireless code should address what they see as significant problems.

And the CRTC says in the proposed code that consumers can set a cap on additional fees, which would including text messaging, data and roaming charges, for example.

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"Consumers are sick of termination penalties designed to keep them locked into long term contracts," said John Lawford of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

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Representatives of three consumer groups told the five member CRTC panel Nike Air Max Flyknit

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On the CRTC's online forum about the draft wireless code, participants also complained about locked cellphones and Nike Air Max 90 Women Purple

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