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Devastated Mr Chaiboub, who revealed he "cried like a little baby" when he was informed of his son's death, said: "Everywhere, kids are carrying knives and weapons. Something is wrong and this madness needs to stop.

He said: "We both went straight to the Northern General Hospital but were told he had died. When I heard the news, I cried like a little baby."

The family is being comforted by family and friends, who are calling regularly at their home to offer comfort and support.

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He knew Tarek had been in trouble Nike Air Max Black Bag with the police for minor motoring offences.

Tarek died only two days after being released from hospital following a previous attempt on his life just over a week ago.

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a phone call from his older son Mohammed.

"She asked if we could check the body for a second time to make sure it was Tarek," he said.

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Doctors said he was lucky to survive being stabbed seven times outside the family home on Castledine Gardens, Wincobank, on Saturday July 5 when he suffered wounds which narrowly missed his liver, heart and spine.

Mr Chaiboub revealed he was shocked when he twice found Tarek carrying a knife.

But it became obvious he was involved in more serious activity when a thug armed with a knife turned up at the family home and stabbed Tarek outside his home last Saturday.

"He was released from hospital on Wednesday and I was very worried about him. On Friday, I didn't want him to go out, I kept saying to him to stay at home and that I would bring him everything he needed. He couldn't walk properly.

The teenager had gone to have his hair cut when he was Air Max 90 Ultra Blue

Mr Chaiboub, a married father of four, who has an older son Mohammed, 21, and two daughters, aged six and 12, said of Tarek: "He was a very nice boy, he was my friend. All my kids are my friends, we'd joke and playfight.

He was still recovering from his previous ordeal and was unable to walk properly due to knife wounds in his leg.

shot, just two days after being released from hospital.

"I also want to send a message to all parents, to concentrate on their children. They need to know who their children's friends are, Nike Air Max Black And White Spots

"Twice, I found a knife on him and, each time, I took it off him. I was very shocked."

Mr Chaiboub said when he informed his wife, who is on a trip abroad with their two daughters, her reaction was disbelief.

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Mr Chaiboub, a chef at a restaurant in Attercliffe, said he did not know what his son, a former pupil at Myers Grove School and who had been an apprentice builder until he quit two months ago, had been doing to cause someone to want him dead.

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whether they are bad or good, spend as much time as they can with their kids and educate them to make sure they live their lives the right way."

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Dad begged 'Don't go out today Tarek' AUDIO

Witnesses have told police Tarek and his killer drew guns against each other like something out of the 'Wild West' before he was shot outside Frenchie's barber shop, Spital Street, Burngreave, on Friday afternoon.

Mr Chaiboub said: "He was stabbed seven times and the doctor said he was very lucky. One wound was near the liver, another between his heart and spine.

THE grieving dad of Sheffield shooting victim Tarek Chaiboub told today how he feared for his son's safety and begged the 17 year old not to go out on the day he was executed.

"There was blood all over the kitchen.

Mr Chaiboub heard the terrible news of his son's murder in Air Max 90 Qs Chicago

Rashid Chaiboub, 44, said that in the last six months, his son changed from being a friend he would laugh, joke and playfight with to a young man he hardly knew.

Hear Mr Chaiboub's statement by clicking on the green icon above

"He didn't seem scared and said he felt all right and that he wanted to get a haircut. But whoever did this was waiting for him and shot him."

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"About six months ago, he changed. He stopped listening to me. I didn't know anything about my son after that, he was in a different world.

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