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Mr Myatt said: "We are just in the Nike Air Max 90 Liberty

Last week the Herald reported on the progress of the town centre elements of the Morpeth Flood Alleviation Scheme. Now Chief Reporter ANNA SMITH highlights other aspects of the work as outlined by Environment Agency Project Manager Anthony Myatt and Flood and Coastal Risk Management Director Ian Hodge.

"The dam upstream was the only technical solution and the location was the only place we could put Purple Air Max 90

He said: "The upstream landowner doesn't benefit directly from the scheme and they are impacted quite dramatically by the construction work. It is only right that they have compensation for that impact.

Mr Hodge, of the agency's Flood and Coastal Risk Management directorate, said the dam location has changed slightly from the original plans after assessing conditions on site.

"There have been comments about us bending over backwards for the upstream landowners. No way. We have dealt with that very professionally and have had private negotiations about compensation packages, which are related to the impact on the landowners.

"We expect to get to the spring or early summer before diverting the river back."

"If we hadn't managed to get the agreement of the landowner, this scheme could not have happened."

process of finalising a storage solution for the Cotting Burn. The idea has always been that the level of protection for the Cotting Burn would be for a one in 100 year event.

"The river diversion is complete, all the culverts have been installed and we are in the process of starting construction on the inlet and outlet structure. We are awaiting final approval for the materials so we can start getting ready for the dam construction.

Cotting Burn

The Environment Agency is now finalising a design for a floodwater storage dam on the burn that would provide protection to a one in 100 year flood standard.

Dam is a critical piece of work in flood defence

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"The dam now is in the ideal location for getting the maximum flood alleviation benefit downstream."

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The dam will reduce flood flow to Morpeth town centre, providing some level of protection to all properties. It is a key part of protecting the area from a one in 137 year flood event, the same as that seen in 2008.

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Mr Hodge said that criticism of the Mitford Estate has been unfair and that without the landowner's consent the project could not have gone ahead.

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a dam of the size and capacity we needed.

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The dam

make sure the location was able to withstand the water pressure and we had to take the views into account of the landowner. We wanted to get both the best solution for the landowner and the scheme design and also consider the impact on the Mitford Estate itself.

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Some properties in Morpeth have not been flooded by the Wansbeck, but have been inundated three times in four years by the Cotting Burn.

"We looked at all the features, such as the amount of water we needed to store and a location where we thought we could put a dam to ensure that capacity. That was all in outline, but when you Nike Air Max 90 Yeezy 2 come to look at the detail there are further things to do, like site investigation to check the ground conditions.

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Project Manager Anthony Myatt said: "In terms of the programme, the dam is the critical piece of work and that is still on schedule for completion in the autumn. The work to date has gone quite well.

Mr Myatt said: "As part of the partnership with Northumberland County Council we are working to develop a solution to surface water flooding.

It is currently working on plans with Northumberland County Council.

The project so far has seen access roads built, the River Wansbeck temporarily diverted and nationally important native white clawed crayfish relocated by hand.

RESIDENTS of Morpeth will be familiar with many of the town centre works going on to improve flood defences, but one of the most important elements of the alleviation scheme is being constructed out of public view, upstream at the Mitford Estate.

Work is running to schedule for completion by autumn this year.

"When we first looked at the dam, we looked at it as a desk top exercise," he said.

The Environment Agency is building a complex floodwater storage system on the estate, which will be capable of holding back 1.3 million cubic metres of water.

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