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Beyond diagnosis, sophisticated treatment can beat back skin cancer with reconstructive surgery helping patients return to social engagements with no self consciousness.

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At Marietta Dermatology, Mohs surgeon Dr. Jared Friedman along with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Seth Yellin assist patients through treatment and reconstruction.

Like all cancers, the survival rate of skin cancer is highly contingent on early diagnosis. MelaFind, in combination with yearly full body scans, can help catch melanomas early.

Cutting edge technology sophisticated surgery can help save the skin you re in

High disorganization means the mole has patterns similar to that of melanoma and should be considered for biopsy. Low disorganization means that the mole has benign patterns and might not need to be biopsied.

Reconstructive skin cancer procedures today often result in minimal scarring and color variation. With skin flaps, a suture line is positioned to follow the natural creases of the face to minimize the appearance of a resulting scar.

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But the simplest way to repair a surgical wound is primary closure. This procedure closes the wound from side to side with sutures.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, Mohs surgery is currently the most successful treatment for basal and squamous skin cancers available today. It is usually reserved for anatomical areas such as the face where normal tissue preservation is of special importance. During Mohs surgery, after each removal of tissue, while the patient waits, a pathologist examines the tissue specimen for cancer cells, which informs the surgeon where to remove tissue next. Beneath the skin, the cancerous cells cover a much larger region and there are no defined borders. Mohs surgery has the highest cure rate of any treatments for skin cancer, up to 99 percent for basal and squamous skin Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Gold

"The dermatologist does the full scale exam, and we visually identify moles that meet some of the criteria for being suspicious," said Richwine, who has been practicing at Marietta Dermatology for three years. "And then we can scan those moles with MelaFind. Once it scans it which is painless, there's no scarring involved it creates a sort of a composite picture. And it will tell the physician if the cells in the mole are disorganized. And they will rate it as low disorganized or high. When you get moles that are highly disorganized, and they believe that the pattern in the skin is irregular, that will drive a dermatologist to decide to biopsy it. It doesn't necessarily say this is cancerous or not cancerous, it just says something is very irregular about this mole and usually it warrants a biopsy."

"It's just nice to have that additional information. This helps us decide which can be watched and which truly need to be removed and checked in the pathology lab." Richwine said.

"A flap is when you move tissue from one spot to another and leave it attached to it's current blood supply," Yellin said. "Then you place it into the defect to allow the local tissue in the defect to grow into the moved tissue and then you go and you clip the blood supply from the original site. A flap requires much more creative thinking."

Reconstructive skin cancer surgeries can be done with skin flaps and skin grafts. For a skin graft, a surgeon removes skin from one area of the body and relocates it to the wound site. They should be used for this type of surgery only as a last resort, if the affected area is too large to be covered using a flap, Yellin said.

Although it is FDA approved, MelaFind scans are not currently covered by insurance.

Flaps are common and often look Air Max 90 Moon Rock


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routinely three stage procedures, where you bring in attached tissue from either the cheek or the forehead to reconstruct the nose and it stays connected with like a bridge and that bridge is there for three weeks in nonsmokers and four weeks in smokers. Then we bring them back a second time and take the bridge down and make things look reasonably normal. Then three to four months later, we will do contouring procedure."

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cancer. It is usually performed under local anesthesia.

Photo courtesy of Marietta Dermatology The Skin Cancer Center

Traditionally, dermatologists would have to cut into any suspicious lesions for a biopsy and submit it for analysis. Among the first of its kind, MelaFind is able to identify more precisely which lesions are in need of further analysis and thereby avoid some unnecessary biopsies.

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Editor's note:This is Part 3 in a series of articles about skin cancer. Today's article discusses the latest technology in treating and diagnosing skin Nike Air Max 90 Womens White Pink Blue cancer and skin cancer reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Elizabeth Richwine, left, and Dr. Mark Knautz of Marietta Dermatology The Skin Cancer Center pose with MelaFind, a new noninvasive hand held skin scanning device which uses 10 different wavelengths to help determine whether a mole needs to be biopsied or watched for further changes. Richwine said Marietta Dermatology is the first practice in Georgia to help diagnose patients with MelaFind and has been doing so for less than a year. in the detection and diagnosis of skin cancer.

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"All skin cancers, no matter what they are whether it be a basal cell, squamous cell or melanoma if we catch them early, the cure rate is phenomenal," said Dr. Mark Knautz, a dermatologist with Marietta Dermatology The Skin Cancer Center. "(MelaFind has) been in the literature, and I know that the doctors who developed it have been working on it for a long time, and I was excited when it was finally available."

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"If the Mohs surgeon feels that the defect will be the type of defect that warrants my skills, we see them preoperatively before anyone ever touches them," said Yellin, who was director of the Emory Facial Center and Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery at Emory Healthcare for more than 12 years. "Some of the procedures I perform are Nike Air Max 90 Winter Prm

"You can remove thin layers and really preserve as much normal tissue as possible (with Mohs surgery)," Yellin said. "When it comes to reconstruction, I can tell you the more normal tissue that is preserved, many times, the easier the reconstruction. According to Yellin, reconstruction may require more than one procedure to achieve the best results.

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Dermatologists in Marietta are fighting skin cancer with the use of cutting edge technology in both diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Elizabeth Richwine, MelaFind is a noninvasive hand held scanning device that uses 10 different light wavelengths to help determine whether a mole needs to be biopsied or watched for further changes.

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MelaFind looks as deep as 2.5 millimeters into the skin, Richwine said. Skin cancers are categorized into three types: Basal cell, squamous cell and malignant melanoma. MelaFind looks for atypical and/or precancerous cells and melanoma. It does not look for basal cell or squamous cell cancers.

better than skin grafts.

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