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The story, first reported by the Marietta Daily Journal, was picked up by other newspapers, radio and TV stations, including an online article over the weekend by Fox News commentator and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

teen over to campus police, who charged Williams on Sept. 6 with the same felony violation thrown at Chitwood.

A former cop himself, Reynolds said he knows from experience that most police officers don't enjoy arresting young people on zero tolerance infractions.

"What it does is it puts these campus police in a difficult position, and it ends up going up the chain of the system," he said.

"I've talked with Sen. Tippins and he's asked me to help him come up with some language that would put common sense back into the law, and we're in the process of doing that. We're just trying to get a little horse sense back Nike Air Max 90 Nz

His arrest occurred about two weeks after that of Andrew Williams, 18, of Acworth. Williams is a senior at Allatoona High School, where he had his vehicle searched for marijuana by an assistant principal, who found no drugs, but did find a pocket knife in the center console. He promptly turned the Nike Air Max 90 Prm Blue Digi Camo

Nike Air Max 90 Womens White Ebay

Nike Air Max 90 Womens White Ebay

And his plans to enter the Air Force are also back on track.

"In all candor these cases, it's more of a policy call and the legislators are going to have to look real hard at that law and see if they want it to stay the way it is," Reynolds said. "But I'm not a real fan of zero tolerance laws.

"I am going to make a decision very soon on that case," Reynolds said.

Chitwood is not the only local high school senior who has felt the sting of the zero tolerance weapons law recently.

But he was relieved to hear from his lawyer Tuesday that District Attorney Vic Reynolds has agreed on a deal that will result in the felony charge being dismissed.

"My plans are to go in the Air Force, or go to KSU and go through their ROTC program," he said. "But either way, my long term goal is to be in the Air Force."

MARIETTA Lassiter High senior Cody Chitwood's hobby, fishing, almost got him in trouble, deep trouble, when he forgot some fishing knives in his car and drove to school one day last month.

Reynolds said he is working with state Sen. Lindsey Tippins (R west Cobb) and others to change Georgia's heavy handed zero tolerance law.

"At the end of the day, I could not be happier at how Vic (Reynolds) treated the case and how the police handled the case."

Chitwood has no previous record of arrests or convictions, and his attorney was aggressive in seeking to get the case dismissed.

"His lawyer contacted me end of last week and asked me if I would consider placing him in our pretrial diversion program and if he completes that program, Nike Air Max 90 Womens White Ebay the case against him will be dismissed and expunged from his record. He will have a clean record," Reynolds said. "I agreed, to make sure he would have nothing on his record where it would affect him in the future. He was concerned about that. I was concerned about that."

"My take on this, to be brutally honest, is that these are well intentioned laws. I have no doubt this law was passed in reaction to some tragedy that happened somewhere. I just don't know if it was thoroughly thought out and if anyone realized it would have this type of consequences, because Cody Chitwood is just not the person this was designed to protect us from.

Nike Air Max 90 Womens White Ebay

Nike Air Max 90 Womens White Ebay

"My client had no intent to do anything wrong. He's a good kid. It was simply a mistake," Pugh said. "He's an avid fisherman and he forgot he had those knives in the car, and had absolutely no intent to harm anyone or break any school rules whatsoever."

Working to rid Georgia of 'zero tolerance'

to change the law.

Chitwood, 17, will be enrolled in Cobb County's pretrial diversion program. He may have to do community service and submit to random drug tests, but that beats a ruinous felony conviction that would have haunted him the rest of his life.

Nike Air Max 90 Womens White Ebay

Nike Air Max 90 Womens White Ebay

Nike Air Max 90 Womens White Ebay

"Pugh came directly to me and we both agreed that this needs to be resolved quickly so this young man's future will not be affected," Reynolds said. "Having to raise two teenagers myself, it concerns me these kids can get jammed up on things because these laws don't allow for any mitigating circumstances."

From a cop's perspective

DA to dismiss felony charge against teen

He stood accused of violating Georgia's zero tolerance law for weapons on school campuses and faced two to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000 if convicted.

He's also back at school after serving a 10 day suspension.

"It's good to be back," he said.

Pugh said he has also been approached by several state legislators hoping Air Max 90 Size 10

Reynolds said he and Chitwood's attorney, Joel Pugh, did not have any difficulty agreeing on a solution.

Pugh said his client has "just been embarrassed by this whole thing. His jail book in photo has been on the local news, and national news, and he's a 17 year old kid."

Nike Air Max 90 Womens White Ebay

Nike Air Max 90 Womens White Ebay

in the law."

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Nike Air Max 90 Womens White Ebay

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