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In my experience it doesn eliminate the corruption problem, but it definitely mitigates it. I had far fewer problems since doing this.

regularfry 6 days ago link

Read only filesystem on the SD card for boot, and a read write USB thumb drive for everything else. It been a while since I looked, but from memory this avoids corruption on power off.

wyager 6 days ago link

page can only be programmed once, also to avoid program disturb effects.

kabdib 6 days ago link

They don do transaction systems on these cards?That like "Writing to a Consumer File System 101". Yike.

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I say that they certainly try to, but the block erase and page program granularity of NAND flash makes it pretty much impossible to guarantee any atomicity of operations without ridiculously wasting the capacity. Furthermore, pages within a Nike Air Max 90 Womens White And Black block can only be programmed sequentially to avoid corrupting previously programmed pages (this is known as "program disturb"), and each Nike Air Max 90 Grey Suede

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Raspberry Pi are very susceptible to SD card corruption. And it hard to fix:

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I learned this the hard way with my RasPbx system.

Interesting. But I guess at the level of utterly fungible consumer hardware it about cost rather than reliability, since the latter doesn have any absolute metrics.

Datacenter Cassandra on 32 Raspberry Pi's

userbinator 6 days ago link

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there such thing as a modern high reliability SD card, resistant to power cuts and tough environmental conditions? It seems like there would be a market for that in embedded industrial or military devices.

want to reduce this problem as much as possible, my recommendation is to use older, low capacity SD cards, which may contain large geometry SLC flash. This is not going to cheap (per capacity), but will be cheaper than new "industrial grade" cards (which may actually be worse). I had good luck with cards from relatively unknown Chinese OEMs many of them explicitly specify "100K program cycles", something that the "consumer" brands don even mention.

SD cards are much like SSDs they are a combination of NAND flash and an embedded controller. Upon power up, the controller has to initialise by reading the block mapping tables (BMT) from the NAND. This wouldn be a concern, and it wasn in the days of large geometry flash where the controller would power up and just sit idle waiting for commands after initialisation. MLC makes this even worse, but manufacturers have been masking the problems by using stronger error correction. This strategy mostly works, but combined with another characteristic of dense NAND flash read disturb makes for memory devices that are far more fragile and sensitive to power interruptions than before. Read disturb means that repetitive reading of the same blocks in flash has a writing effect to adjacent bits to the ones being read, so even read operations are somewhat destructive. a write) and erase after a certain number of reads. The RPi is an exception. If you Red Air Max 90 Mens

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I be worried about just switching RPi off. But my concerns about the Pi and power cuts still remain though.

userbinator 6 days ago link

I had one device that just killed all SD cards on power up. I still don fully understand how this is even possible.

You had sd card corruption with a system that doesn write to the sd card at all? That doesn sound good.

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