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It is a sweet situation.

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the high capital requirements.

Friends and neighbors brought over meals, took her to a church sewing group and out for lunch while she recuperated in a wheelchair.

"And Grandma and Grandpa help babysit," Brooke added.

But women business owners in Nike Air Max Flyknit Womens

"It was nice to see the amazing outpouring of a small town," she said.

shop and inventory from long time owner Marlene Bettin, taking over the operation June 1.

Thankfully, Nancy said she has fully recovered from the accident.

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Nike Air Max 90 Womens Grey

Brooke and Scott own the building and manage the three apartments upstairs while Nancy owns the inventory for the business.

Owning Sweet Seasons seemed like a natural progression after moving to Alexandria.

Owning a business is not a new experience for Nancy. After earning a degree in elementary education and teaching for years, she owned a coffee shop in Cambridge for 10 years that she ran with her three daughters. Her husband is a certified registered nurse anesthetist.

Nancy described them as small town people.

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Nancy and Brooke lived in Cambridge for many years prior to moving to Alexandria. Nancy, 54, moved to the area about five years ago and worked as a salesperson and designer at Sweet Seasons part time for two years. One day, she learned "through the grapevine" that the business was for sale.

Nancy recounted the outflow of support from the Alexandria community after she suffered four fractures in her pelvis following a fall from her bicycle.

Comparatively, the total number of businesses nationwide increased an average of 34 percent during the same period. Nationally, women owned businesses comprise 29 percent of all companies.


"I think there are quite a few of us," she said.

Nancy said she thinks it is more difficult for women to start businesses because of years spent raising children and Air Max 90 2014 Men's

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Nike Air Max 90 Womens Grey

Nationally, the number of women owned firms saw a 50 percent increase since 1997. In Minnesota, however, the increase of businesses owned by women was a meager 27.3 percent.

"I think that women run businesses are more friendly, more intuitive, knowing what women are looking for," she said.

With a friendly, neighborhood atmosphere, Sweet Seasons seems comfortably home inside its historic 100 plus year old locale on Broadway in Alexandria.

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"This might be really once again a nice family business," she said.

Brooke, 30, moved to Alexandria this summer with her husband, Scott, and their two young boys.

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Minnesota are not the norm. In 2007, women owned less than 27 percent of Minnesota businesses, according to a report released by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. Census Bureau in December 2010.

"You have to get a pretty good cash backing to get a business started," Nancy said. "I think banks aren't as willing to look at you as a woman."

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Nike Air Max 90 Womens Grey

Mother daughter team Nancy Tillman and Brooke Tillman Sievers own the store. The pair purchased the Air Max 90 Vt Blue

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She believes people are very receptive to female owned businesses in Alexandria.

But Nancy sees advantages to businesses owned by women.

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