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Credit card fraudsters have had their chips

Over 350,000 per minute is spent on UK cards.

The chip and PIN programme is a worldwide move but the UK is one of the first to put it in place. All EU countries are working on the programme, which is expected to be used worldwide within the next five years.

Over 1 million worth of card fraud occurs on UK cards every day.

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Currently 400 million of plastic card fraud is committed on UK cards every year over 1 million every day. It is expected the new system could cut the amount by at least 60 per cent. A similar system in France reduced credit card fraud by 80 per cent.

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Manager Sam Kay said: "The reaction's been good so far. A few people haven't known about the system so I've had to explain it to them. But the majority say they feel more secure with it."

The Chip and PIN programme is hailed as the biggest change for shoppers since decimalisation and aims to slash credit card fraud. By 2005, most of us will use the new system to pay with credit and debit cards. Fiona Firth reports

Q: What if I forget my PIN?

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and PIN card."

Some South Yorkshire shops such as Funky Monkey at The Lanes in Air Max 90 Vs Air Force 1

A: "It would be negligent to write down your PIN number and keep it with your card we see that a lot where people write down their number, put it in their wallet and then their wallet is stolen. Other forms of negligence include giving your card to someone else to use or knowing cards are lost or stolen and not reporting it."

PIN does not change liability. Providing you haven't done anything negligent, you would not be responsible for any losses to your card."

It is designed to cut credit card fraud by using microchips on cards to store bank details these are more secure than magnetic strips because they are harder to copy while PINs make it harder for criminals to use stolen or lost cards.

A fraudulent transaction takes place every eight seconds.

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NEXT time you get a new credit card, make sure you read the leaflets that come with it.

Questions and answers

Q: Is there a shift of liability from banks/retailers to the cardholder?

THE chip and PIN programme has raised many questions with shoppers. We put some of the most commonly asked ones to Jemma Smith, communications manager for the Association for Payment Clearing Services:

Forecasts show that, if the new programme was not put into action, UK losses in credit card fraud would be in the region of 800 million by 2005 threatening the survival of the card payments system. The rise in card Nike Air Max 90 White Tumblr fraud over the last few years has been caused by high levels of organised crime alongside increases in the number of payment cards.

A: "No. Chip and Nike Air Max 90 For Women 2015

Meadowhall are already using the technology, which requires customers to tap their PIN number into a handheld pad to make a purchase.

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Chip and PIN spokeswoman Sandra Quinn added: "We're pleased with the first few weeks of the system. Cardholders don't need to do anything until they receive their new card. They should look out for literature from their banks as it could be their new chip Nike Air Max 90 On Feet Women

So far, eight million cards have been issued an estimated one in six cardholders already own a chip and PIN card.

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One in 20 adults has five or more credit cards.

One in three people in the UK have been affected by card fraud.

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Q: What do card companies consider to be 'negligence'?

Much of the money obtained from card fraud has been shown to fund other serious crime such as drug trafficking. Other crime, including burglaries, muggings and car break ins are often motivated by the opportunity to steal cards.

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Most people will be getting replacement cards from their card companies between now and 2005, when the majority of transactions will be verified by customers entering a four digit number at tills rather than signing a receipt.

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A: "You'll have three attempts to remember it and, if you don't get it right, your card will be locked. Your card company will unlock it for you and, if necessary, give you a new number, after going through ID security procedures to be sure you are the legal card holder."

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