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Knowing we are leaders in Christ is not enough if we are to be cultivators of others, action is required.

ways do you bring to cultivate good relational connection beyond the superficial? (creative dialogue, engaging stories,)

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Where do they hang out, spend time, live? Make a regular pattern to meet and 'be' there.

3. Has character that has favour with others.

By no means do I find myself an expert and a guru, but I have been Nike Air Max 90 White Pink collecting some great thoughts and questions from some great strategists. I hope to teach this and learn from this as I teach this to those who I am a steward of this. I also would be open to tons of feedback on these concepts. Here is the first I am massaging. Note: the format is not in 'easy reading' mode, but the content is there.

Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable?

Looking to be cultivators of people, means a ever renewable fresh look at how we lead. I am playing with three sections in my mind plowing, planting, and producing. I will first start with the plow, because nothing good will grow without preparing the ground inwhich we want to plant something that lasts.

Leadership has been on my mind for the last couple of years. I have felt that a lot of the Christian information on leadership seems to focus on the position we have in Christ (being). This is great because if we fool ourselves into thinking we have the abilities a part from our true identity in Christ, we are presenting a second rate leadership.

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How do we communicate the importance of a welcoming, safe and communal atmosphere.

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A credible authentic relationship builder in any and every community or group structure which the leader seeks to 'be' where people are.

Cultivators Skill Set

4. Is intentional to see people beyond busyness and tasks.

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Do we allow for the group to understand each other? (do we know each other?)

cultivate a lifestyle of building relationships, you can ask;

What does the amount of room we make for people in daily life reveal about our priorities?

During such activities and even normal week to week interactions we need to communicate the sense of emerging vision that we Nike Air Max 90 Red Suede

What would it take for you to free up 3 hrs a week to make yourself available to people?

have seen in our teams. Building unity through the vision of the irreligious message is crucial to see any development of our home churches.

Group Home Church It is a little easier to build in Home Church because people are coming to you.

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How many opportunities do you let people be known in? (in a week, month, year) This is social activities, community development events, coffee's, meals, trips, etc.

1. 'Be' is defined as a committed consistent presence

How do we build strong relationships in the midst of community?How many are in spiritual companionship relationships?

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2. A cultivator of communities safely engages and becomes a part of any group by being 'touchable'.

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Are you as the cultivator allowing yourself to be vulnerable?

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The next load of information on leadership shelves is the actions of a leader (Doing) and how to manage people in 7 31 great steps. This is also good, a lot of reading, but good. I have found myself still not satisfied with this list of 'to do's' partly because the strategy and the skill set to have a leadership perspective is really what I find need. A Strategy skill set (becoming) answers more through questions and cultivating thinking. At first this could seem lacking in help but my journey this far has brought me to really appreciate training that creates a place of growth rather than a place for answers.

Practically Individually To begin building people up individually you will need to model availability and 'be ing' in their lives in a safe way that earns credibility. They in turn can build relationship by spending significant time with people to earn credibility.

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Find a common script that you can frequently communicate environments that allow ownership of relationship building.

How many people do they know on your street and in your normal spheres of influence?

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