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"It feels a little uncomfortable that this is how we're moving forward with investing in our SPLOST," Cupid said. "I Nike Air Max 90 White Mens question whether we're giving (voters) an ideal amount of time to really flesh through what they'll be investing a penny in."

"They're concerned their skill set is going to become quickly outdated with what we provide here at the county," she said of county employees. "It limits me, even from Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Pink

"I need to see at least a minimum of $20 million perhaps $25 million for sidewalks, just to meet already stated demand," she said.

Cupid said the county had set aside $12 to 15 million for sidewalks across all districts, with just $5 million for her district.

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Outdated technology has hampered more than just productivity in her district's office, Cupid said.

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just a work perspective, because I had a very slow running computer," Cupid added.

Cupid estimates her south Cobb district would collect $80 to $100 million during a six year SPLOST. County Chairman Tim Lee says a six year SPLOST would collect a total of $750 million.

The south Cobb representative expressed concern about the pace at which the county is moving on SPLOST initiatives.

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As county commissioners each prepare a list of projects Nike Air Max 90 Tiger

While Cupid acknowledged such a heavy focus on sidewalks would divert dollars from other road projects in the district, she said street projects, such as repaving, would remain on the table.

"My No. 1 issue from (constituent) feedback before (coming into) office, in office, has been sidewalks."

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Cupid said she wants to place an emphasis on making her district as pedestrian friendly as possible.

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Cupid said the county government sometimes struggles to attract new hires with its outmoded office technology.

Beyond putting new computers on county desktops, Cupid said she wants to use a cut of SPLOST funds to build a better online infrastructure. She used the example of a small business in need of a license to illustrate how useful such an infrastructure could be to constituents.

But other road proposals would take a back seat to sidewalk construction.

"Technology has been something that we haven't really been investing in like we should," she said. "We're really limiting our capacity for efficiency."

"I'm trying to look at some areas that really have not been on the radar that need some attention," she added.

DOT for sidewalks in the district is still not going to meet the already stated demand," she said, "let alone new demand that's probably going to come up in the next six years."

"But we need to have infrastructure to do that," she said.

"They have no real community facility there, which puts a lot of stress on the school system because students are utilizing that campus sometimes when they should be, sometimes when they shouldn't be just to find recreation," Cupid said.

On July 22, the board is expected to decide on a final list of projects to be spread over the four or six years, during which a new round of SPLOST money would be available if voters approve a November referendum.

in their districts to be funded with a proposed 1 percent special purpose local option sales tax, Cupid says spending $25 million on building more sidewalks is her top priority.

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Eddie Canon, director of the county's parks department, said the proposed center would provide Osborne residents of all ages with community programs.

Of the $80 to $100 million south Cobb would receive in SPLOST funds over a six year stretch by what she refers to as the "Lisa Cupid methodology," roughly $10 million may go toward building a new recreation center in the Marietta Osborne area.

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Other list topping projects include updating support technology, improving public facilities and providing better public safety resources.

She listed sidewalks, streetscaping and making the area friendly to bicyclists as steps she would take toward realizing the goal. The amount of funds set aside for sidewalk projects in the last round of SPLOST was not enough to keep up with the area's need for roadside walkways, Cupid said.

The owners of a business could one day visit "an online one stop shop for various applications," Cupid explained, where all of the county's resources could be accessed on a website dedicated to helping different organizations and individuals.

"I haven't made my list definite," Cupid said. "I've come up with a list, but I still think there needs to be balancing from a cost perspective.

"What I've seen offered from Air Max 90 Release Dates 2016

Cupid s wish list Sidewalks top priority for South Cobb SPLOST funds

"We would have classes, athletic leagues and all types of camps," Canon said of the proposed facility. "Summer camp is one of the largest programs we do county wide in our recreation centers. We would also be able to partner with volunteer organizations on activities that those organizations sponsor."

Canon said the county has not yet settled on a location for the center, nor has it sorted through which programs the center would provide.

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