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Nike Air Max 90 White Kids

A few months after he agreed to Air Max 90 Essential White

agents commonly used to bulk out heroin and crack cocaine, spoons with traces of drugs on them and three sets of digital scales. Two bags of cocaine had purities of 70 per cent and 75 per cent, which it was alleged was going to be cut down, packaged and moved on. Munn, 28, claimed he was working for a man called Omar Hacker, who the court heard was shot dead in Jamaica in February, and a man named as just "Kingston".

"He [Hacker] was murdered in Jamaica at the tail end of February," explained John Lloyd Jones, for the prosecution. "He left here on February 6 to return to Jamaica. He was a Jamaican national but spent time living here."

Judge Butler said: "You could justify calling him what he said Omar was, a local villain."

On the day of his trial, Munn pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and heroin with intent to supply, possession of cannabis, and having a silencer and ammunition without a firearms certificate.

Hacker, 29, and Kingston had again allegedly spent time at the property, and Munn believed they were responsible for cutting the drugs and preparing the deals.

What led police to his door on March 17, was not as a result of a carefully engineered police operation to snare unscrupulous drug dealers plaguing communities.

"It's the Crown's case the defendant was operating at the middle level; he was distributing drugs to street dealers," said Mr Lloyd Jones.

The court heard inquiries had been made and no criminal with the name Kingston had been identified by police.

Of the ammunition and silencer, Mr Dunkels said there was no suggestion Munn was going to use them. He said: "The basis of plea is they were not his but he was living in the property where they were."

There they were stunned to discover they had chanced on a small drugs factory. The quantities of the drugs 282.55 grammes of cocaine, 342.99 grammes of heroin and 21.2 grammes of cannabis were together worth As the prosecution put it at Nottingham Crown Court, what they found were all the tools of the trade required by a drug dealer.

Damion Munn has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison for intent to supply drugs

In January 1998 at Nottingham Crown Court, Munn pleaded guilty to four offences of robbery, two attempted robberies and four Air Max 90 Red Black Grey

associated offences of having an imitation firearm with intent to commit an individual offence. He was sent to a young offenders' centre for five years.

"His dad has been threatened in the street with a firearm and he has been told his son is a grass. Three shots were fired into his father's front door, which was Nike Air Max 90 White Kids reported to police," Mr Dunkels said.

Nike Air Max 90 White Kids

Officers stopped him in a car near the Queen's Medical Centre roundabout for unrelated matters, for which no charges were brought, but they recovered his house keys and decided to search his flat.

Nike Air Max 90 White Kids

Nike Air Max 90 White Kids

Detective Inspector Pete Parchment said: "This was an excellent piece of work from DC Baldry. However, it is reasonable to assume that with ammunition and a silencer having been recovered, there is still a firearm somewhere on the streets."

Nike Air Max 90 White Kids

Nike Air Max 90 White Kids

After the hearing, Detective Constable Dale Baldry, said: "Damion Munn purported to be a pillar of the community, claiming he wanted to help fund a project to keep young people away from drug addiction. It is hypocritical to think on the other hand he was out dealing drugs at a higher level with no regard for the consequences.

Nike Air Max 90 White Kids

rent the property, Hacker had asked him if he wanted to earn to deliver and collect drugs on his behalf.

Threats had also been made to Munn's family since his arrest because he was perceived to be a "grass".

Judge Butler said: "Your counsel said you were a drugs courier and custodian. You were higher than a street level dealer and you were pivotal to this operation."

Judge Joan Butler QC sentenced him to a total of four years and nine months in prison. He received four years and nine months for the intent to supply charges and concurrent sentences of two and a half years for the cannabis and 18 months for the ammunition and silencer.

Nike Air Max 90 White Kids

Nike Air Max 90 White Kids

He said Munn was being paid by Hacker and his profits were being put back into the community centre, not "lining his pockets". Munn owed back rent on the property, so he got involved with Hacker to try to get some cash to keep the centre going.

Nike Air Max 90 White Kids

"Damion has first hand experience of the devastating impact firearms have. Despite this, he still sold drugs for personal profit and had a silencer and ammunition in the flat where he was living."

Cash amounting to was recovered, "dealers' lists", an electronic money counter, cutting Nike Air Max 90 Iron Metallic Red Bronze Gold

Anthony Dunkels, in mitigation, said his client only found out on Friday that Hacker had been shot dead.

One month after they met, Hacker had allegedly asked Munn to rent Walnut Gardens in his name.

Nike Air Max 90 White Kids

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