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Nike Air Max 90 White Floral

Nike Air Max 90 White Floral

Nike Air Max 90 White Floral

In a statement delivered by Chandler's attorney, Vic Reynolds, Chandler's father, Ron Brookins said: "The Brookins family is glad this chapter of our life is over, and we're ready to move on in a positive fashion."

District Attorney Pat Head said the case was dropped "because I can't prove it."

The only problem with everyone whose commenting negativitaly on this is that they clearly don't know Chandler because anyone who knows the child(and yes i say child given that he is one) knows he might not be perfect but he is no where near capable of this. And don't even get me started on the board of education in the Marietta School System, they didn't even look at the facts before thowing Chandler out of school. You should all go back to your lives and pray that something this unfortunate doesn't happen in your life, and if it does people don't just go off what they read.

Nike Air Max 90 White Floral

Nike Air Max 90 White Floral

Chandler was arrested March 15 by Smyrna Police, who alleged in an arrest warrant that on the night of Feb. 16, while attending a basketball game, Chandler had forced a 14 year old girl into a bathroom at Campbell High School and raped her.

Nike Air Max 90 White Floral

The girl who accused Chandler of rape is unlikely to face any charges, Head said.

Nike Air Max 90 White Floral

that he does for the great people of Cobb County GA . BUT HE ( being pat ) IS VERY WRONG FOR DOING THIS to both family's that were invovled shame on him for doing so or this to both of your family 's !! . I REALLY DO WISH HE WOULD put A LITTLE BIT MORE of a THOUGHT process INTO HIS ACTION'S BEFORE HE decide 's to JUST COME'S IN , A WRECK'S WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY 'S life . i have told him time time AGAIN about this LAW SB 440 . I have told him point blank about this law to his face about the 7 deadly sin's LAW NO NONE SENSE . ON HOW he could HANDLE THIS TYPE OF CASE 'S senario 's ALOT BETTER THAN WHAT he is doing OR what IS GOING ON IN TODAY SOCIETY ?? . more than ever IN these trying time 's . about these kind of inccident's ? situation 's . SO maybe Pat should read his bible try to practice what he preaches ON sunday before Pat Head decide's 2 go IN wreck another person's life / OR their world because Pat does the have the right to just be able to do that to NO one . EVEN though i have ALWAY'S looked up TO PAT you are very wrong for doing this . AND FYI i was IN A more worse off situation than both of your's blessed heart 's were in more THAN YOU COULD OF EVER IMAGINE EVER it to BE !! . BUT i decided that i would take out my anger my frustration's out on the great state of GA in the best way that i could !! SO I decided to change the law 's to make IT easier for the next (1) parent or A child that was IN need of help with SB 440 . FYI i am the 1 who was along with some of my other friend's are the one 's who changed the law to give the superior court the right to FORCE some of the 7 deadly sin's down from the DA ' S office to kick IT back into juvenile court which is where IT should of been in the 1 st chance !! So please be blessed try to keep your head held high because this to shall pass , please try to past your knowledge on to the next person or a family that might be or who is about to walk A mile in your shoe's , SO that WHEN IT is their time for trouble water's ahead you can be there for them if they need you in their darkest hour's , because unless you have walked a mile in your / or their shoe 's no one really does have a clue NO one else will ever understand it , muchless GET IT so please be blessed. ( :

Nike Air Max 90 White Floral

Two months ago, Chandler's case was moved from Cobb Superior Court down to juvenile court, Reynolds said.

my comment IS this , i have spent the past decade trying to protect our children's right 's re guarding the seven deadly sin's SB 440 . Air Max 90 Sneakers

There is a reason this case was dropped, and its because of a lack of evidence. evidence that is never going to be there because this is all a lie based on a little girl getting caught by her daddy.

Chandler has been free on $50,000 bond since shortly after his arrest. He was originally to be tried as an adult, Head said, because rape is one of the seven "deadly sin" charges. Anyone over age 13 who is accused of committing rape is charged as an adult, Head said.

I am the father of the girl involved. Now that charges have been dropped I will speak. First of all, I did not my daughter doing anything. She reported it to school officials the next day. Next, neither I nor my family brought any of these charges against Chandler. There was video Nike Air Max 90 Womens Outfit

Nike Air Max 90 White Floral

of MOST of the incident. The CHS Mom who stated that there was no duress indicated in the video is incorrect. A piece of the video was mysterically missing when we viewed it at the school for the first time. There was video of the two of them going down the hall, but somehow the portion of the video that showed them going into the restroom was gone. My daughter alleges that she was pulled into the restroom by Chandler. There was then video of them after the Nike Air Max 90 White Floral incident in the hallway. Also, the video did NOT show a guard passing outside in the hallway during the incident. It is amazing how untruths get passed around. It was clear that something had happened in there because there was a seperation between them and it appeared Chandler was visibly upset. There was DNA there was visible evidence. I do know that Chandler passed a lie detector test; however, my daughter was never tested. I truly believe that my daughter believes she was raped, and Chandler believes he didn't rape her. All that being said, we are glad this is behind us. My daughter will have to live with a scar and so will Chandler. It is unfortuate in both instances. My wife and I both told police from the beginning that we were not interested in sending a young man to prison for a great portion of his life for a spontaneous decision. We have forgiven him and we wish the best for the Brookins family.

MARIETTA Seven months after charging a 15 year old boy as an adult with rape, the district attorney's office has dropped all charges against Chandler Brookins, a former Marietta High School student.

i know Pat Head very well for over 30 yr's AND i do think the world of him to . i do appreciate the great job Nike Air Max Green Women

DA drops charges on teen accused of rape at school

Reynolds said that Chandler, now 16, was expelled from school after he was charged, and that the family is trying to get him back into Marietta High. He has been homeschooled in the interim, Reynolds said.

Ron Brookins is an associate principal at Marietta High.

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Thomas Algarin, a spokesman for the district, had no comment on the situation.

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