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More than a week after Barack Hussein Obama made it clear that some immigrants are more equal than others and that there are groups of people for whom American borders and immigration laws do not apply, the natural assumption for readers would be to expect outraged reaction from Georgia's conservative elected officials in Congress including outraged press releases, informative posts explaining Obama's anti enforcement move and the assurance of oversight hearing, investigations and strongly worded protests. Senators and all GOP House Representatives.


The Obama administration announced Aug. 18 that the Department of Homeland Security would begin to dismiss pending deportation cases of thousands of illegal aliens who have been captured in the United States. Essentially, the policy from Dear Leader says that illegal aliens who do not have criminal records would be able to remain indefinitely in the United States. And apply for work permits.

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This is not the Americans we were raised to be. We have to dig deep down to find our, once, fierce patriotism, ready on the onslaught to defend our country from an invasion.

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The sound you may have been hearing for the last eight days is the sound of celebratory champagne corks popping and squeals of delight from the illegals' organizers both in and out of the Obama White House. It isn't the right to vote, but it is a start. No word yet on what real legal immigrants from around the world are thinking about a system that rewards people who ignore the long process of joining the American family according to those mean old immigration laws.

The last little gem about being "pregnant or nursing" changes a long used and very accurate term. "Anchor baby" is now "anchor fetus." The White House has now given official acceptance to the angry and defiant howl "You can't deport me, I have an American citizen child ." and expanded it to include a child of any nationality or origin.

With somewhere around 25 million Americans out of work or underemployed, apparently, this represents the long awaited Obama "Jobs Program." As you can see, the anti enforcement lobby was not wasting its time with the years of marching in American streets with the "Stop the raids and deportations!" demand. citizen or permanent resident spouse, child, or parent;

the goal (Democrap controlled Senate). This process must go forward to stop dictatorial actions by Moammar, and send a message to future White House occupants this will not stand now, this will not stand ever!

whether the person is the primary caretaker of a person with a mental or Nike Air Max 90 White And Orange physical disability, minor, or seriously ill relative;

Translated to reality, the list includes most illegals who have already made it past Border Patrol or overstayed their visa. Few don't already either fit the above descriptions or won't start the process of making sure they will do so very soon.

current events. Tell that to the tens of thousands of people out of work and in the process of losing homes and property only to exist in tiny/substandard apartments. And only an absolute moron would make the charge that is not just our country. Ummm, yes it is, Zoe, for those born here and those we allow to come here LEGALLY. Study up and be informed you'll go Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe Trainer

Nike Air Max 90 White And Orange

We are the worst of America's generations. We grown too soft and liberal to make a stand and give our country the respect it deserves. We're on the verge of having our culture, history, heritage, language wiped out and replaced with Mexican nationals and those from South America.

This is in response to the never ending demands from the open borders lobby that Obama make good on his campaign pledge to begin amnesty proceedings in his first year in office. The liberal press and the illegal alien lobby's blogs are filled with excitement and glee because of the literal Get Out Of Jail Free Card thrown to the illegals.

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One group called Centro Sin Fronteras (No Borders Central) has posted a note of victory under the headline "Backing down the president," writing, "Last week President Obama's administration finally bent to the pressure from the Latino community and the threat of the withdrawal of the Latino vote ." Here in Cobb Rich Pellegrino, who opposes immigration enforcement while wearing a t shirt that reads "We are all undocumented" has been quoted in this newspaper as being "ecstatic" about the Obama defacto amnesty for votes scheme.

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Nike Air Max 90 White And Orange

Nike Air Max 90 White And Orange

whether the person or the person's spouse is pregnant or nursing;

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D A King Georgia GOP brass silent on Obama s amnesty coup

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Zoe Pago (real name?) lives in a parallel universe; not of this world. of jobs and plenty of room?? That's an insane statement bereft of any quantifiable logic or knowledge of Air Max 90 Qs

The United States of America is screaming for her children to come to her defense and all we do is sit back and watch in awe how an indigenuous population from Mexico has successfully invaded our country by simply multiplying with babies and laying down some roots.

This is disheartened. How did we come to lose our sense of patriotism, pride and being Proud American?? Do we really understand what we're doing to our country if we give in to another amnesty?

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I reserve the remainder of this space for listing their press releases or remarks that I found on that topic as of noonish on Friday. . King is president of the Cobb based Dustin Inman Society. House and Senate to come back from vacation with guns blazing. This Surprise from Barack Moammar Obama was timed so there would not be an immediate counter action. I called my senator and congressman on the day this was announced and ask them to get back to Washington and begin the process to IMPEACH Moammar. There is no other option. REMOVING him from office is NOT Nike Air Max 90 Paris

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