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YOU SHOUTED YOUR COMMENT IN ALL CAPS. This is hard to read and annoys readers.

defense Tuesday requested more time as they wait for more evidence to be turned over.

Nike Air Max 90 Vt Qs Varsity Maize

Nike Air Max 90 Vt Qs Varsity Maize

The trial of John Knospler Jr., a war veteran and Pennsylvania residentaccused of murdering a Casper manlast October outside of Racks Gentlemen's Club, has been delayed to September because "critical forensic evidence" is still being processed at the state crime lab.

I am pro second ammendment I carry and I have no problem using deadly force when necessary. The defence is building their case on Kade breaking knosplers window which contridicts the witness statement please dont take it as fact this is what any good defense lawyer would do. This is convienent for them because glass was found inside the car, but it doesnt take a genius to know if you fire a 45. while your sitting in your driver seat threw your window you will have glass fall in the car as well as outside.

Nike Air Max 90 Vt Qs Varsity Maize

Knospler then drove away and was pulled over near the intersection of First and Wolcott streets.

Knospler's original trial was set for mid May, but Judge Thomas Sullins granted an extension to Sept. 22 after both the prosecution and the Nike Air Max 90 Black And Gold

great significance is the wound channel (trajectory of projectile through the Baldwin body, entrance and exit points), autopsy report, and gun fire residue trace will determine Baldwin proximity in relationship to the muzzle of Knospler's wepon. As stated Knospler had every right to defend himself with out the fear of prosecution by the state of Wyoming.

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A request by Nike Air Max 90 Vt Qs Varsity Maize Low to lower Knospler's bond was denied.

Stensaas has not yet outlined his version of events in court or speculated as to what was going through Knospler's mind as he shot Baldwin. The prosecutor has claimed that Knospler has previously had alcohol problems and that he was demoted in the Marines shortly before he left the service.

Nike Air Max 90 Vt Qs Varsity Maize

The 33 year old Knospler faces a charge of second degree murder in the Oct. 4 shooting death of James Kade Baldwin, a Casper man who was also at the strip club along state Highway 20/26.

a racist, a dope, a moron, etc. Please, no name calling or profanity (or veiled profanity $%^ rambled, failed to stay on topic or exhibited troll like behavior intended to hijack the discussion at hand.

You have issues with a business. Have a bad meal? Feel you were overcharged at the store? New car is a lemon? Contact the business directly with your customer service concerns.

According to a motion filed earlier this year, the defense also plans to introduce evidence that Baldwin had previously become violent when drunk and requested the man's previous criminal history. The motion also states that the defense is considering using evidence relating to the websites Baldwin had been visiting prior to his death, including pornographic websites.

Crime lab delay pushes strip club murder trial until September

By your written statements on here you have proven that you HATE the 2ND Amendment, and that you do not believe in the right of self defense. When you are in your vehicle you have the right to defend yourself whether had a few drinks or not. The dead person attacked the shooter. I would have done the same thing. The (SO CALLED) victim caused his own death. Knospler should never have been charged. He was only charged because he is a Veteran and he is not from Wyoming. As well I am sure the victim has connections in Natrona County. He was a public invitee at Racks, therefor he had a expectation of safety while in his vehicle at Racks, Wyoming statutes 6 2 602(i) (habitation). He never was an aggressor sitting in his vehicle inert. Baldwin approached the vehicle and smashed the window in, the witness places Baldwin inside of the vehicle (bouncer witness statement trib). Knospler fired his weapon when the geometric plane of the window was breached by Baldwins upper torso (bouncer witness statement trib). Knospler was in fear of his person/life Wyoming statue 6 2 602(use of force in self defense). What is of Air Max 90 Midnight Navy

Clad in a suit and tie, Knospler who is free on a $500,000 cash bond did not speak in court Tuesday afternoon.

At that point, defense attorney Joseph H. Low IV has said that Baldwin struck the window, breaking it, and that Knospler then shot the man in self defense.

If your comment was not approved, perhaps.

Any one has the right to defend them selves In there own home if someone is in your yard your drive way ect. then you might have a problem. These two people were both drunk and this ex. military man. made suggestions all evening about killing people. ect. Go back to the original story when it first came out. What I am saying this guy should not just walk away ,sorry. He probably should not get second degree murder. But he should not walk away free. One man lost his life because of stupidity the other should receive some kind of punishment for his stupidity also. losing a life is the ultimate punishment a few years in prison is minor. Passionate views, pointed criticism and critical thinking are welcome. Name calling, crude language and personal abuse are not welcome. Moderators will monitor comments with an eye toward maintaining a high level of civility in this forum. Our comment policy explains the rules of the road for registered commenters.

Nike Air Max 90 Vt Qs Varsity Maize

You called someone an idiot, Nike Air Max 90 Essential Ultra

Assistant District Attorney Josh Stensaas said there are items that still need to be trace and DNA tested, and that it could be another month before the lab had completed its work on the case.

Nike Air Max 90 Vt Qs Varsity Maize

LVSH Give me a break. If you followed the story and followed what the eye witness testimony they never saw him break the window only go over to that side. thats when he was shot. not breaking the window as this man states of course he is going to say something like that. I own guns and I most certainly dont hate the military Your quite full of your self. that's for sure. But I am all for idots not owning guns and i believe you might be one of them. And he was not charged because of being a Veteran he was charged because he killed someone and so would you just cause someone claims self defense they have to prove it in a court of law. Your not the brightest individual are you.

Nike Air Max 90 Vt Qs Varsity Maize

Nike Air Max 90 Vt Qs Varsity Maize

Nike Air Max 90 Vt Qs Varsity Maize

A bouncer for the club told police he witnessed the shooting, which took place in the club's parking lot. That man told police Baldwin had approached Knospler's car, supposedly thinking it was his friend's, and tried to get in the passenger seat before walking around to the driver's window, near Knospler.

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