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Take section (E). It provides one exception for those jobs that "may require the employee to issue payments, collect debts, transfer money, or enter into contracts."

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First, I checked state agency websites and did searches at each one. I found no information about this law or this specific issue.

It was encouraging to see Vermont address one of the myriad of issues facing the unemployed in the ongoing bad economic times. If you ever talk with one of the long term, you're likely to hear of many other issues, such as widespread discrimination based on age, being "over qualified," or the very condition of unemployment (ironic).

Later, I emailed the Vermont senators who co sponsored the bill and expressed my concerns. Basically, the response was "Thanks for the information, and we'll consider it next January."

So I guess we should be happy there is anything on the books, since Vermont remains one of just eight states that have now passed some sort of legislation limiting the requirement of credit checks for job applicants. This state's effort, signed by Gov.

Or how about section (F)? It gives the potential employer an out if they can demonstrate that "the information is a valid and reliable predictor of employee performance in the specific position of employment."

Perhaps there's no longer any feeling of urgency on this and other issues relating to the unemployed, since the latest job figures show just a 4 percent unemployment rate in Vermont. Of course, that's of little comfort to those embodying such stats.

that the law doesn't really have much teeth to it. Nothing in the language of the law, in fact, says anything about enforcement.

However, the exceptions specified in the law are so large you could drive a Mack truck through them.

OK, how about if a piece of legislation falls, er, passes in Montpelier?

The AG's office informed me that in the year since S.95 became law, they have not gotten a single complaint about credit checks in job applications. Well, it's not surprising given the lack of information out there.

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Perhaps that's partly by design. Sometimes, it seems legislation is passed more for show than substance. "Well, at least we did something about it. Enforcement? That's someone else's problem."

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job performance. Congress since the 2008 economic crash and never gotten out of committees. It seems that billionaire bank bail outs always win out against the suffering of the estimated 4.8 million who are now long term unemployed (greater than six months) and those who have run out of all benefits. Still, one can hope for better from some states, such as Vermont.

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I thought the attorney general's office was the logical place to go, but they first sent me to the Human Rights Commission, which passed me on to the Department of Labor, which passed me on to one of their divisions, which sent me back to the attorney general's office. Most of the people I spoke with were not aware of the law until I got to the Civil Rights Division at the AG's office.

Maybe come 2014, some legislators might reconsider the array of exceptions and look at similar laws passed in other states. For instance, some contain exceptions for managers and others who may handle specified, large amounts of money or have access to confidential information, rather than just anyone who touches cash.

know about it.

This is not to say that these staff weren't helpful. They were. One agreed that someone needs to take the lead getting more information out to the public, while two others admitted Air Max 90 Blue And Pink

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Harsh realities remain for the unemployed, including the long term unemployed without any income, and the underemployed. They're still visiting food banks, staying in homeless shelters or couch surfing, and probably continuing to experience various forms of discrimination on the job front due to their situation and an uncaring system that keeps them powerless and desperate.

Oh, do they mean like tending a cash register in a fast food joint or running the customer's credit card at a restaurant? This essentially eliminates a whole slew of low paying, service sector jobs, which remain the majority of positions currently available.

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Take S.95. It was approved in the 2011 2012 Vermont state legislative session and relates to the practice of employers requiring a credit check of job applicants.

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Vague, huh? Say the credit check is required by a corporate chain that employs plenty of lawyers. Do you think desperate, unemployed people have the time and energy to pursue a complaint? Even if they do, will that company ever hire such a "troublemaker" or not target them if they did?

Credit check law lacks teeth

If a tree falls in a forest, but there's no one around to hear it, does it make any sound?

Requiring credit checks for job applicants is particularly unfair, mostly unnecessary, and continues to penalize the unemployed for being collateral damage from the recession. It creates a cruel Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Se Cargo Khaki "Catch 22" for those laid off from jobs, who are underemployed, who have minimal or no health care coverage and have experienced major health expenses, and graduating students with exorbitant loans who can't find adequate work. In addition, credit checks are notorious for inaccuracy, and studies show they are not good indicators of Black Air Max 90

Ah, but that assumes an applicant takes an action based on this law. Guess what?

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