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Gilbert had watched this in Sun Valley, Idaho, then dashed to a computer and "in about 45 minutes" banged out an angry letter meant to reassure the fans. "Frankly, I didn't put it in front of enough people. It was boom boom, put it up. That's something I've learned. When you're in an emotional state . wait.

be known for the worst thing you ever did. Gilbert entered that private home meeting by himself, no assistants, and sat down at a dining room table across from Air Max 90 Independence Day Kanye

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Dan Gilbert tells how he and LeBron James mended fences

But then, saying you're sorry never is. You do it anyway. Long after the basketball smoke clears from this story, that's the human part we ought to remember.

That letter came to define Gilbert as a basketball owner. ("If you Google me, it's the first thing that comes up.") He regretted it not long after he'd written it, but in the Internet world "posted" means "forever."

He hoped that part would go smoothly. Then someone on board yelled the media had discovered his plane was en route, and a new airport had to be quickly found.

He pondered that as the plane descended into Florida. He and James hadn't spoken since that night. Four years. They'd seen each other a few times. "I'd sit on Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Plush the baseline when he came back to play in Cleveland. He'd look at me from the free throw line. Not good. Not bad. Just look."

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Plush

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Plush

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Plush

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Plush

Just hours after arriving in Brazil for the World Cup, LeBron James talked about his move back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He also talked about the World Cup final match up between Argentina and Germany. (July 12)

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Plush

'I'm just glad we're here, whether you come or not, LeBron. This has been hanging over my head.' "

James and a few associates.

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You shouldn't be known for the worst thing you ever did. As Dan Gilbert flew in a private plane to meet LeBron James last Sunday, he made notes about things to say, things he had been thinking about for four years, since the night James announced on national TV he was leaving Gilbert's Cleveland Cavaliers and taking "my talents to South Beach" and the Miami Heat.

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The moment of truth

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Now he was scheduled to meet James, in secret, to discuss what seemed impossible just days earlier a return to the Cavs. The whole world was hanging on the news. But as Gilbert glanced out the window, for a moment he wasn't a billionaire Detroit businessman or an NBA owner. He was every guy seeing his ex wife after the divorce, every teen guitarist seeing a former friend who broke up the band. Nike Air Max 90 Navy Blue And Red

Gilbert realized nothing was going to be easy.

It shouldn't be like this."

"First thing I said to him was, 'LeBron, you know this is true. We had five good years and one bad night. Like a marriage that's good and then one bad thing happens and you never talk to each other again."

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