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When Mr Cameron reneged in 2010 on his promised referendum

The Tories have a majority of more than 16,000 from the last General Election in 2010. But there has been a rise in support for Ukip, culminating in them winning in Newark at the European elections even if the boundaries are different this time round.

Rushcliffe MP Ken Clarke said: "I think Robert Jenrick has the potential to be a very strong Member of Parliament. Newark deserves to have a politician who will play a prominent role."

"The difficult decisions this government has taken are turning the country around."

felt down by former MP Patrick Mercer, who resigned following a cash for questions sting.

He added: "We have managed to bring the country's decision makers to the town and the rest of the area. By elections are always unpredictable and this was a seat previously held by Labour."

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Mr Clarke, the cabinet minister without portfolio, has been on the front bench of politics for the past five decades, but papers have said Mr Cameron would like to see more women in the cabinet.

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other parties just see this as trying to make a bit of progress for something else they want to do elsewhere in the country. That is how Labour, how Ukip, how the others are addressing this by election.

From the time I could first cast a vote and have never failed to vote and it has always been a Conservative vote. My father was a staunch Labour voter, but I did not follow in his footsteps in my Political views. I have never known a time that when Labour have been in power, that they have not left the country in a financial mess, never more so than the last time, The Conservatives have always had to follow them and spend most of their time in Government, sorting it out. This makes them unpopular and hence Labour are sooner or later re elected. And so it goes on from one to the other and never really getting anywhere. I feel that neither party has any interest in what the electorate think or want, we get democracy every five years, That is when we vote a party into Government on their manifesto, then within a month or so they renege on what they said, giving many reason's for why they can't keep their promises. For the next five years they continue to ignore the wishes of the people and carry on with their own agenda's. Five years pass by, and we get democracy again, they flood our towns and cities,

Voters also have the option of backing David Bishop of the Bus Pass Elvis Party, Nick the Flying Brick of the Monster Raving Loony Party, Dick Rodgers for Stop Commercial Banks Owning Britain's Money, and Lee Woods for the Patriotic Socialist Party.

You know what to do, vote UKIP.

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put together the best team for Britain. Mr Cameron held a 40 minute question and answer session with workers from the warehouse and Tory candidate Robert Jenrick.

agree with the vast majority of people that we need tougher immigration control and that is in the national interest. He added that various schemes such as shutting down fake colleges which gave people a back route into the country and clamping down on benefit tourism was quite rightly to the views of the overwhelming majority of British people who want to see immigration properly controlled as do I. Meanwhile, Mr Cameron would not be drawn on widespread newspaper speculation that Rushcliffe MP Ken Clarke would be sacked in a cabinet reshuffle.

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He added: "I'm hopeful. It's been a long road and, for me, longer than for the other candidates. I have been doing this for six months. not just since Patrick Mercer resigned.

not just for Christmas it is a bit the same with your member of Parliament.

David Cameron discusses immigration during campaign visit

Ten other candidates are standing in the Newark by election on June 5. They include David Watts (Liberal Democrat), David Kirwan (Green), Roger Helmer (Ukip), Michael Payne (Labour), and Paul Baggaley and Andy Hayes standing as independents.

He said: all those posters years ago a dog is for life Air Max 90 Kanye

know Robert will be here, will be working hard because he is committed to the long term future of people in Newark and Nottingham.

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It is time to get rid of the old and bring in the new, Britain need a new start and a new direction, it will not come with the Conservative's Labour or the Liberal Democrats. We Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Holographic Edition need UKIP if not we are destines to be swallowed up by the monster that is the EU. So I urge the people of Newark to think carefully on Thursday, you can cause the biggest earthquake in Politics for as long as I can remember. Do it for Britain.

Mr Cameron admitted that people would have Nike Air Max 90 Shoes Womens

Seventy years ago, the 5th/6th June 1944, the allies launched an operation to free Europe of German occupation, we all know it as 'D Day' the invasion of the Normandy beaches. We all know the final result, the defeat of Nazi Germany and subsequently the end of the war.

"If I can earn the chance to be the MP for Newark then I would provide a strong local voice on the issues that matter in the constituency the economy, jobs, schools, transport and public services.

Well I say that on 5th June 2014, it is Britain's 'N Day', the day that the people of Newark take an action to begin to wrestle power from our three main parties, and subsequently free Britain from the control of the European Union.

my boss you his boss. If you think he do a good job vote for him, if you think I do a good job vote for me at the next election. If you want to get rid of me at the next election vote for someone else. The other 10 candidates standing in Thursday election are: David Watts for the Liberal Democrats, Michael Payne for Labour, Ukip Roger Helmer, David Kirwan from the Green Party, independents Paul Baggaley and Andy Hayes, Lee Woods from the Patriotic Socialist Party, David Bishop from the Bus Pass Elvis Party, Dick Rodgers from Stop Commercial Banks Owning Britain Money and Nick The Flying Brick from The Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

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on Europe, I decided never to vote conservative again, I voted UKIP in the local election and the Euro Election, it was not a protest vote. I am British, more over English, I want my country back. I am fed up to the back teeth of being dictated to, by what is actually a corrupt Dictatorship. No accounts signed off for eighteen years, people becoming very wealthy out of it and constantly more and more demands for cash from Britain. Ask yourselves have we as individuals or as a country benefitted from the European Union. Then look at the state of this country I am sure there will be no positives.

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Scottish independence and any future coalitions.

knocking on doors, kissing babies and promising everything they think we want to hear. The good people of Newark are experiencing that right now, after Thursday you will not see and Conservative or Labour MP again.

A poll by Survation still had the Tories ahead on Friday by eight percentage points, but Mr Jenrick said both he and his party would be working until the polls close.

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