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Angela Ouellette said in a telephone interview Monday evening that she was still in the hospital but her condition was fair. She described her husband as "banged up."

Shawn Ouellette, 39, also was thrown from his motorcycle. Witnesses told police he landed on the hood of the car, rolled off and fell to the ground. One witness told police he saw Shawn Ouellette's helmet fly off and shatter when it struck the pavement.

cars behind Lussier and saw something fall from the air into the road. Witnesses who were closer to the scene told police Angela Ouellette was thrown into the air and landed on the pavement "in a heap," according to affidavits.

In court Monday, Zwicky asked that his client be released to the custody of one of her parents or the father of her children, but Judge Patricia Zimmerman said the fact Lussier left the accident indicated she was a flight risk.

Lussier claimed the motorcycles slowed suddenly and that she tried to stop but couldn't. She told police when Shawn Ouellette yelled at her she became frightened, locked her doors and drove away.

One of the motorcyclists, Angela Ouellette, 33, said she and her husband were slowing to turn into their driveway.

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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Holographic Buy

Brandon Police Sgt. Laurie Krupp said she was about seven Air Max 90 Ltr

Witnesses' affidavits said Shawn Ouellette stood up and yelled at Lussier, Air Max 90 Warhawk

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"He's OK," she said. "He's not in the hospital. He has a bad leg and the accident messed up his good leg, pulled some muscles."

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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Holographic Buy

Police said the other three drugs, Klonopin, Flexeril and Prozac, come with warnings that they cause drowsiness and dizziness.

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Police said Lussier repeatedly fell asleep during the interview, sleeping for 35 minutes at one point.

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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Holographic Buy

Crash leads to felony charges

Deputy State's Attorney Peter Neary pointed out that Lussier's license was suspended at the time of the accident and that she violated conditions of release on previous charges forbidding her from driving.

Steven Zwicky, Lussier's attorney, said his client suffers from a herniated disk.

A Brandon woman is facing felony charges for allegedly running down and injuring two motorcyclists while under the influence of prescription drugs.

Lussier then drove to McDonalds, according to police, where she briefly pulled into the parking lot before continuing north on Route 7. Police said they followed Lussier to Steinberg Road, Hollow Road and then to her home on Champlain Street. When Nike Air Max 90 Mid Winter Print

Police said Shawn Ouellette also suffered broken bones and injuries to the neck and back.

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Michaila C. Lussier, 19, of Champlain Street pleaded innocent Monday in Rutland District Court to charges of driving under the influence resulting in injury, grossly negligent operation resulting in injury and leaving the scene of a crash that resulted in injury. She was held for a lack of $35,000 bail. Saturday when she struck a pair of motorcycles in front of her. Witnesses said the motorcycles, which were almost side by side, began to slow down from 30 to about 15 mph just before the collision, according to affidavits.

The driver immediately behind Lussier told police it did not look as though Lussier made any attempt to stop or slow down, according to affidavits.

According to affidavits, Angela Ouellette suffered broken bones, internal injuries and head and neck injuries. Police said she was taken to Rutland Regional Medical Center for emergency surgery to reconstruct her femur. Rods, pins and screws were inserted to stabilize her leg.

who backed up and then drove around Angela Ouellette, who was lying in the road, not moving.

Lussier Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Holographic Buy told police she took six different prescription drugs that day, according to affidavits. Two, Lyrica and Lodine, come with instructions not to drive while taking them; a third, Vicodin, comes with a warning that its use can inhibit the ability to drive, especially when taken with other drugs, police said.

police approached her, she said she was just on her way to speak with them about the accident, according to affidavits. Police said she appeared slow, sluggish, unsteady and was slurring her words.

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