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Have you ever spent time in a security station with decent cameras? I can only imagine what they are like now, but in the late 90s, after we put up our new headquarters, that included a NOC (and therefor a 24x7 security station), we had the bubble cameras with really, really amazing zoom. The security team, having absolutely nothing to do (this was sunnyvale on Mathilda Avenue, not really a hot bed of things to be worried about) spent all of their time using the camera to intrude on people's privacy, in a very intimate manner. They zoomed on apartments, they zoomed on cars, they zoomed on hotel windows. They were able to count the change at the fast food restaurant across the road. That's the entire point, people are under _incredible_ amounts of surveillance, without their permission. It's important to remember his videos don't show everyone, they probably only show the most entertaining Air Max 90 Ultra Br Crimson

No, I'm just interested if his behavior is significantly different from those around him that are ignorant. Because for me, it's not. And if that's true in the general case,A very important point to discuss. I can tell you that the behavior of people was different, especially on the phone where part of the surveillance took place. If we would constantly have to guard what we write in e mails as to not to be remotely connected to what might be seen as mentioning the current enemy of choice, then some freedom is lost.

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Do you go to any great lengths ?If he does not, does that disqualify him from holding an opinion on surveillance cameras? Is he complicit in their Air Max 90 Safari Atmos

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"If I were with my family, I would give the guy fair warning, then rush him for being predatory"Photographing people in public places is not "being predatory". So you'd get probably get charged with assault.

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'Creepy Cameraman' pushes limits of public surveillance

I think stalking requires an ongoing effort to track somebody, or repeat offences. Not long ago there was a Dutch documentary about advances in surveillance camera technology and the privacy implications thereof. They then demonstrated how they could follow somebody walking through town by switching from camera to camera. All from a control room with a hundred video monitors. Downright Orwellian. 31 minutes in.

Stalking is not legally, and his videoer freely admits to stalking.

This brings up an interesting twist to the conversation: Should it be considered self defense to defend your privacy? That seems to be one possible category for the discussion: "do you care enough to defend yourself" (petitions and such) extended to "if you do care enough to do it, what should be your legal Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Dust limit of self defense? Is your privacy an extension of your self?"

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Hairy_Sandwich 660 days ago link

revelation 661 days ago linkHe [the accused] does not have to confine himself to covering his face, but may choose a defense that is suitable to end the attack immediately and permanently

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contrast, I thought the strong reactions from the people on film were admirable. By staying or making a scene he will continue filming you and therefore possible having film of you doing some action you may later regret or at least could be edited to make you look like you're in the wrong. It's also unlikely you would actually get the camera footage from the camera man. I think the best course of action would be to contact a local law enforcement officer and then proceed with a court case if you didn't like the out come of that or wanted to pursue getting the video footage. Really though if you just walk away I think they camera man would just leave you alone.

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When you are in public, and there's a surveillance camera, you aren't being targeted specifically. You're no more interesting than anyone else in the frame. Moreover, it's highly unlikely that anyone's full time job consists solely of watching the one camera that happens to point towards you. Maybe there is a guard watching an array of a dozen cameras. The people filmed don't know that he's just going to film them. He could begin mumbling erratically, ask them for money, or even physically attack them. The guy is a jerk and I found myself empathizing with his victims. I don't buy the point he's supposedly trying to prove.

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proliferation if he has not significantly altered his life in protest?The only chance we have for avoiding a disturbingly Orwellian surveillance culture is to combat the public ignorance about the extent and power of the systems now in construction. Because for me, it's not. And if that's true in the general case, The only chance . Running awayis not the same as ignoring. Also, one can hardly express one's disapproval if one is indifferent. . Just because you announce your intention to beat up an annoying jerk before you actually beat them up doesn't make it acceptable behavior.

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reactions, I'm sure plenty of people just ignored him. (Even in the video people who have business elsewhere do just ignore him, they walk right by.)

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