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"That part of the street has become derelict and any business would be reluctant to open there because they'd be isolated among empty units."

Louise Attridge, owner of Let's Eat, agrees the area Nike Air Max 90 Og Womens

currently being let due to the possibility for expansion of the shopping centre.

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"I'd definitely say we have been busier than ever before in the last few years," reported Mr Singh. "We are next to a busy health centre and I think the difference is our service. We also have things in stock that other chemists don't.

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However, she would like to see the area spruced up.

"A few more plants, some flowers, it's also a bit dark down here the lighting could be better," she said.

A spokesman for the company said it was currently considering its options for the building.

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is busy enough, especially during term time when students move in to nearby flats in Huntingdon Street.

"I'd definitely like to see them do something with them," he said. "The boards are an eyesore. The empty units in the Victoria Centre have pictures on so you don't really notice them, whereas if you see brown plywood it doesn't look very appealing.

The tranquility of the White Hart, and Glasshouse Street in general, is attributed to a row of empty units where the road meets Upper Parliament Street.

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Although business is quiet now, Mrs Brown is hopeful it will lift if plans to extend the Victoria Centre are given the go ahead.

He does not believe the shops have an impact on businesses near his chemist's and, since it was opened by Mr Singh's father 25 years ago, his shop is busier than ever.

Harvinder Singh, 35, who has worked at Glasshouse Chemist for about ten years, hopes the proposals will come to fruition.

Since last year's vacant shops survey carried out by the city council, two more businesses have moved out of the street, bringing the number of empty units up to eight.

"The back end of the Victoria Centre is a bit abysmal as well, it's run down, but I have heard there will be work on that and that would be fantastic.

"It would be nice if the street was spruced up a bit as well. Being on the outskirts of the city centre, it would be nice if there was more of a community down here but people only seem Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe Pink to use it as a way to get in and out of town."

The shops are owned by Intu and the Post understands they are not Nike Air Max 90 Mens Green

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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe Pink

While Mr Singh is eager for the facelift of the shopping centre, the pharmacist is surprised that the pub does not have a higher turnout.

"Generally we're very busy, especially with the students living so close, and we believe we have a great future here because it is a good location.

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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe Pink

Formerly home to La Cantina restaurant and takeaway, Nike Air Max 90 Jamaica

Customers so close and yet so far for pub and shops next to Vic Centre

"I think it does put people off coming down here," said Mrs Brown. "They see those shops and think there's nothing else further down.

"I think the main walk through is this end of the street with the Victoria Centre opposite and then Lidl and the pedestrian crossing at the other end. I don't think many people would approach Glasshouse Street from the other end.

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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe Pink

City Pizza, Kebab And Curry takeaway, The Gas Fire Shop and Palmers Gold Centre, the buildings are boarded up and once bright paint has faded and is beginning to flake.

"Near us there's a beauty salon, there's the health centre and the pub. I'd say together we are quite a vibrant part of the street."

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