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There are several options. Some of the most popular are the Roku ($40 $80) or Boxee Box (around $149).

But when we told him there are several ways to skip the cost and keep the entertainment, Moses said, "You're going to Air Max 90 For Women 2014 Black And White

have to show me for me to believe it."

it into your TV and you'll get HD channels off the airwaves. This will typically get your local network channels only.

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Your 3G or 4G phone will work just fine. As long as you can get the internet, you can use your phone to connect with TV using an HDMI cable. You can also use your XBox or Playstation to connect.

It's even less if you use your 3G or 4G phone service. But Jordan says you'll need to search online for a workaround to make sure Hulu and Netflix play on your larger TV screen in the proper proportions.

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Target electronics associate Wesley Jordan showed us how they work. And the most expensive part is the set up.

To use your cell phone or streaming video player you'll need to buy an HDMI cable which range in price from $10 to $60.

And then you need the interface or console that will connect you to the entertainment.

Hulu Plus and Netflix both cost just $8 a month! And you can access them from any internet connection. That means the XBox, video streamer and your smartphone all can hook into these services.

All the shows you'll get will be in HD!

Cut Your Cable Or Satellite Bill

Last, you need a service that will provide you with all that juicy entertainment.

example, will be available within a couple hours of the original airdate.

The great thing about all this?

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So, you can get all the TV you need for as little as $40 to set up and $8 a month.

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We researched various retailers and found devices and consoles that use wireless internet or your cell phone service to feed your need for TV.

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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe

Most customers use Hulu Plus or Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe Netflix. Both services provide you access to all your favorite shows and movies.

One last option: an HD antenna ($30 $40). Plug Air Max 90 Pink

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe

It's important to note they won't allow you to watch the shows live. But the latest episode of CSI Miami, for Nike Air Max 90 Jacquard Red

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