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If the plans go ahead, people will only be able to go inside the abbey as part of a pre booked tour. Some will also be available on bank holidays and for Christmas and heritage open weekends.

suppose it reminds them of halcyon days gone by in their own country.

Councillor David Trimble said: "We realise Newstead and its association with Lord Byron make it a special place for many people and we are keen to do what we can to conserve Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Neon it for people's interest and enjoyment. But an estate like Newstead Abbey and Gardens comes with enormous responsibilities which carry considerable costs."

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Ken Purslow, chairman of Newstead Abbey Byron Society, said: "It seems very short sighted Air Max 90 Black Green

This is typical of the council, cutting everything and privatising not even by the back door now. All they are interested in is lining their own pockets and putting out pathetic propaganda. Anything cultural Air Max 90 Safari

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Neon

"Numbers will drop off in the grounds as well, that will affect the coffee shop. If we're not very careful the whole thing could end up in a tragic situation like Elmsley Hall which has been vandalised and no one cares about it much."

CUTS could see Newstead Abbey closed to the public except on Sundays

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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Neon

is not even on their list of priorities. He is an international hero. KEEP THE ABBEY OPEN FOR ALL!!

The venue will still be available throughout the year for schools, conferences, weddings and special events.

why would two unfilled posts be classed as jobs lost ? more to the point why are they unfilled ??

can you just run it by me again exactly what we did to jump on the robin hood film bandwagon (besides inviting most of the council staff to the premiere) , my wife got invited, she doesnt work for them but is a kind of council groupie and even got a council goodie bag,

Dr Matt Green, English literature lecturer at the University of Nottingham, said: "It will fundamentally change the nature of the way the public can interact at the Abbey.

i must admit the soviets do get misty eyed when they see our square with its bland stones and banners, Air Max 90 Fighter Jet

to me that they're going to close it and my biggest worry is that Sunday really isn't going to work out. What do you tell a disappointed Japanese tourist who has gone there specifically?

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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Neon

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Neon

He said the house will still open to March for any booked events.

A council spokesman said six posts could be axed, affecting four people. A 90 day consultation has started so further details about any changes will not be known until it has finished.

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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Neon

i looked in the goodie bag but there was no mention of tales of robin taxpayers,

mr sensible no i am not joking, we can earn good money from the firewood,just as we can earn good money from flogging off durban house,

"It's not only a national attraction, it's international. We quite often get people travelling from as far as New Zealand to visit the site and I think it will be very disappointing to them if they arrive and see they cannot get entry because they haven't booked in advance."

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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Neon

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