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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Infrared

And nevermind Latino networks like Telemundo and Television have had incredible success too. Nevermind about their wall to wall quality, family oriented programming. Nevermind that these networks are making billions. Nevermind that across the globe Latinos are rightly proud of these networks.

The one question about her that has yet to be answered, though: why did she look like a mulatto?

Of course this isn't what Johson was saying 30 years ago when he needed your support to get BET off the ground. Back then BET was supposed to be our way of Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Infrared ensuring postive black representation in the media, our way of creating and controllng postive black programming.

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Infrared

He's gone from Black Entertainment Television but his debauched legacy lives on. The blueprint he put in place is now used by BET's white owners with hardly a jot changed. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Make no mistake about it, BET is little more than a 24/7 minstrel show. And that's because what Bob Johnson learned many years ago was that quality programming isn't as profitable as minstrel shows. Worse still, once he found this out he elected to never have anything to do with quality programming again. Again, BET is a business, not an agent for social change.

The real proof that rastas were "crazy lunatics" and their religion a screwball set of beliefs came in 1966 when Haile Salessie came to Kingston. Over 150,000 screaming rastas met him at the airport proclaiming him "Jesus Christ."

In other words the rastas got things bass ackwards just like they get all those other things from the Bible bass ackwards.

contemporaries, and never once did Garvey say or imply that the Savior would be Salessie.

BET is about the Benjamins, Baby.

He scammed us, boy, did he ever.

In fact, anyone who knows just a little something about the Bible would shred 99% of how the rastas have reinterpreted it. The nonsense about Haile Salessie being the 225the descendant of Solomon and Sheba is yet another screwball Biblical interpretation created to fit the rasta agenda.

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Infrared

an agent for social change. It's about the Benjamens, Baby.

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Infrared

The yellow skin, the redden, coarse hair, the nose, the lips. Read these comments and your first impression will be more than confirmed. Personally, I think the explanation is a lot simpler. Princess Charlotte was the youngest "daughter" of the Duck and Duchess of Mecklenburg Strelitz. I submit, she was actually the child of one of the elder daughters, and that her father was some black cat in the duchy who knocked the mother up. The duke and duchess would have had every reason to want to keep the business secret. Then when the "princess" came of age, pack her off to a nice far away place like England to bury the secret forever.

Salessie had never seen such appalling ignorance. He was afraid to get off the plane for fear the crazed people outside would tear him to pieces. Mind you, Salessie was from the continent of Africa, a place were he had grown up seeing and living among some of the most primitive people in the world, and still, he had never witnessed ignorance as endemic as that which he viewed from the tarmac that day.

As far as this Nike Air Max Force 2

The rasta religion is screwball religion, a religion some pot head conjured up in the 1930s while he was zonked out on ganja. Then as the religion began gaining more steam ghetto misfits adopted some of Marcus Garvey's ideas and tried to recruit him, but Garvey thought they were a bunch of "crazy lunatics" and said so.

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Infrared

Do your reseach, show me where it is wrtten that pot was a herb during Biblical times. I've done my reseach and the short list of herbs I've found have been basil, saffron, sage, savory, tarragon, and thyme, dill and laurel, Celery,artemisia, mint leavesparsley, anise, pennyroyal, sorrel, watercress, liverwort, wild leeks, and lavender.

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Infrared

The portrait was commissioned in 1761 the day this 17 year old German princess married England's King George III. She was brought in from an obscure German Duchy to wed the new king. Two two had not met before their marriage, but that's the way things were done back then, especially among royalty. The marriage was a successful one. Queen Charlotte bore the realm 13 children and was much beloved by her subjects upon her death many years later.

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Infrared

Incidentally, the rastas got the idea that Salessie was Jesus Christ from Garvey who predicted that the Savior would come from Africa. However, Salessie and Garvey were Air Max 90 Pink Womens

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Infrared

"herb" business is concerned, ganja was not classified as a "herb" in Biblical times. They were not talking about pot when they wrote the passages about herb, something any Biblical scholar will readily tell you.

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Infrared

Da Wiz Report

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Infrared

Observe the full length portrait at the British Museum and it will astound you. The firsst words on your lips will be, "Why that's a black woman!"

This means you should expect the filth BET pumps into the black community will continue unabated a long time to come. An interesing example of this is the BET website. The link for user comments is broke and has been for years. Robert Johnson didn't give two dead flies what you thought about his programming, so why should the new owners? As Robert Johnson apologists are quick to tell you, BET is a business, not Air Max 90 Ultra Black And White

As Bob Johnson would have told you before he handed BET over to the white folks:

Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Infrared

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