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"They're going to look at issue like where community correctional facilities are placed and how to better manage people out on parole and those who subsequently get parole violations," Muise told CTV Newsnet on Friday. "From a public safety perspective it's Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers

"There may be situations where stand alone facilities may be needed."

John Muise, the Director of Public Safety at the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness (CCAA), said the government is basically seeking a review of how federal prisons do business, which would include rehabilitation, visitation and parole for violent offenders.

In Canada, correctional staff and officials have warned of decaying facilities and a bursting inmate population filled with increasingly violent and gang affiliated individuals.

tough on crime agenda has endured its share of criticism, as some criminologists say it will place more pressure on an already strained system.

Day said Sampson's appointment should not be interpreted as a foreshadowing of the privatization of prisons.

very good news."

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Sampson is responsible for helping to create the first privately run federal prison facility in Penetanguishene, Ont. The institution's contract was not renewed by the current Liberal provincial government.

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Muise agreed and said there are too many offenders being released who aren't rehabilitated.

Day announces prison review

However, Day did say that the Conservative law and order plan may include new prisons.

Critics maintain the proposed mandatory minimum sentences for gun and drug crimes and parole crackdowns will push prison populations to their peak without ensuring lower crime rates.

The Tories Nike Air Max Essential

review of federal prisons, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said Friday.

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The former Ontario Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Br Black Tory cabinet minister who helped create Canada's first private jail will head a Air Max 90 Laser Blue

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Rob Sampson, who served as correctional services minister under Mike Harris's government, was named by Day to head a five member panel that will deliver a public report to Parliament with recommendations by Oct. 31.

"It's something like 40 per cent plus of people who are released on conditional release are committing crimes within a year after being released. That is not a particularly successful system," Scott Newark, who is a justice reform advocate, told CTV News.

"The question of privatization is not on the table," Day told a news conference.

"What they've done is confused tough justice with effective justice. The two are not the same," Graham Stewart, a spokesperson from the John Howard Society, told CTV News.

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However, supporters of the review believe the veil of secrecy surrounding Correctional Service Canada needs to be lifted and tough questions need to be asked.

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