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Since the law wasn't followed, he said, the outside legal opinion was illegally obtained and the county cannot pay for it.

DeCock said he discussed the matter with two other county attorneys, two attorneys with Nike Air Max Eminem Not Afraid

Rogers paid Cheyenne firm Romsa Kuker LLC for $4,900 worth of legal advice related to a proposed Lake De Smet water lease with personal funds.

"Needless to say, Visa loves me," she said.

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Gibbs, the commissioner, doesn't see it that way.

DeCock said he told Rogers more than once that he could not Nike Air Max 90 Turquoise And White provide a legal opinion since commissioners had decided against signing early drafts of the proposed lease: They thought 99 years was too long and $3 million was too little.

On June 22, Johnson County Attorney Ken DeCock sent a cease and desist letter to County Assessor Cindy Rogers, saying if she continued to obtain outside legal advice and use county funds to pay for it, she could be prosecuted and removed from public office.

"I haven't threatened anybody," DeCock said. "I advised them [that] her obtaining counsel was unlawful, advised them they couldn't pay it because it was an unlawful invoice."

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Tax liability questions were on commissioners' minds, too.

The lake is operated by the Lake DeSmet Counties Coalition Joint Powers Board. Johnson County owns 55 percent. Sheridan County owns 45 percent.

On June 4, DeCock sent a letter to commissioners reminding them he represented the county.

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She said that DeCock's office has had some turnover since he took office, which is why he didn't have the time to analyze it.

Rogers thinks DeCock's response is political: "He didn't like that this reflected on him not doing his job."

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"There are statutory requirements before she can obtain outside counsel," he said of Rogers. "She has to go in a public meeting before the commissioners and she has to tell the commissioners that she needs outside counsel and the county attorney has to be unavailable or has to refuse to provide those services."

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Hanging in the balance are a Lake Nike Air Max 90 Essential Pink

Some of those terms were rewritten after the county commission found them unacceptable. They will meet Wednesday to discuss the latest draft of the lease.

"We were trying to get what the tax consequences would be if we entered a lease with the Game and Fish," Gibbs said. "It was a 99 year lease and there are some past cases, if it goes over a certain period of time, rather than call it a lease it almost becomes a purchase. We were concerned we would have tax consequences to pay on it."

"All the modeling we've seen shows there's ample water left for multiple uses irrigation, industrial and whatever they could find buyers for in the future," said Paul Mavrakis, Sheridan region fisheries supervisor.

Rogers, the county assessor, had tax questions about the proposed lease.

day Johnson County War pits commissioners

The state wants to maintain water levels in the lake for recreation and fishing.

DeCock sent letters to the Johnson County Commission and County Clerk Vicki Edelman instructing them not to pay for the legal advice.

Rogers asked DeCock, the county attorney, to look into the matter and he responded with a one sentence email she did not think was thorough.

A new "war" in Johnson County has erupted, but instead of ranchers battling over cattle and open range, elected officials are fighting over power and duties of public office.

"This is the biggest, probably, political issue in Johnson County right now," she said. "I can't go off a whimsical, 'I believe' (statement.) I want to see statute. I want to see law that supports it."

"That was not a lease we were going to sign, but we were in negotiations," he said. "We had a time frame. We needed to know the legal (issues) and what we were getting into with the taxes. Actually, it was a very vital time. He sloughed it off."

De Smet deal that would guarantee water levels, fishing and boating opportunities for the next century, a juvenile justice program that provides children the opportunity to go through a remediation program and have criminal charges dropped and a fuel depot in Buffalo for Johnson County vehicles.

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He declined to name the attorneys, saying if the press questioned them, they may not help in the future.

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The proposal would let the Wyoming Game and Fish Department lease 7,400 acre feet of water, which represents about 10 percent of the water refilled each year from Lake De Smet for 99 years for $3 million. The state would manage the lake's shoreline.

It "concerns me as a county commissioner that he has the power to tell us what bills we can and cannot pay," Commissioner John Gibbs said. "We're kind of in a deadlock."

the Wyoming attorney general's office and an attorney with the University of Wyoming College of Law.

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of other things going on," he said. "I was in the process of finding a new deputy. I can't just drop everything because she had a theoretical question she would like looked at."

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