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Culinary student cooks without seeing

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Chef David Cain taught her how to cut different types of meat using her hands to guide her.

Chappell is a culinary student at Francis Tuttle Technology Center on the Rockwell campus in Oklahoma City. She has completed two of her three classes and is now learning to bake and make pastries.

Ailstock said Chappell could make precise 8 inch by 8 inch by 2 inch Julienne cuts with vegetables.

than some of the other students in their classes.

The Louisiana school provides the tools, alternative techniques and positive attitude necessary to help the students in their quest for independence. Students who are partly blind are required to wear night shades while at the school.

"Once she did one, she could do it without a problem," Cain said. "It was truly amazing."

The students have to memorize the layout of the city as part Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Moire Fb Black

Jan Lavine, of Stillwater, helps translate her class work Air Max 90 Men

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The three Francis Tuttle chefs who taught her said she does better Air Max 90 Anniversary Cork

The rest is up to Chappell to make tasty dishes and good grades.

She reads her text book with the help of a computer that uses JAWS, auditory screen reader software and no mouse.

Chappell will soon be the owner of a new home in Edmond's Legacy Station, a low cost housing neighborhood between Edwards and Thatcher and west of Broadway. Turning Point Ministries, a nonprofit organization offering affordable homes in Edmond, is building her new home.

Her mission in the kitchen was a success, ending with compliments about how good the home cooked food turned out.

"Some of her pies are better than the other students," said Chef Ginger Lugo, who teaches baking and pastries. "She really cares about what she is doing. She is a perfectionist.

The city of Edmond received almost $117,000 in federal stimulus money for the infrastructure that will serve the neighborhood, which is being built where rundown houses once stood.

They go rock climbing and whitewater rafting and learn how to clean their rooms, Callie Chappell said.

Chappell, 24, of Edmond, has retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease that includes tunnel vision and night blindness and eventually leads to blindness.

of a class assignment where they are taken to a location in Ruston and have to find their way back to the college, her father said.

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Callie Chappell, who is legally blind, was assigned a class project where she had a certain amount of money to go to the grocery store and then prepare her chili meal from scratch.

Each of the chefs knew it was going to be challenging to have a blind student in their classes. The school put labels in braille on the kitchen equipment and appliances. Tabs were placed every five degrees on the oven.

Chappell decided to go to culinary school when she returned to Edmond after spending nine months at the Louisiana Center for the Blind in Ruston, a place her father, Burt Chappell, calls a blind boot camp.

Chef Skip Ailstock, instructor in her first class, said she learned knife skills with no problems.

Away from school

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into braille.

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"She is very positive, and I've never heard her complain. She is like a star student."

In addition to cooking, the Nike Air Max 90 Superfly T students work in a woodworking shop with drill presses and saws.

They mapped out their trip before they left, got permission from school officials and started on their venture without telling their parents. They rode two trains, a Greyhound bus and several taxis to get there in time for kickoff.

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"She's awesome, an inspiration to all of us," Lugo said. "She's a joy to have. I can't wait to see what she does in life."

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"I haven't been cut yet," Chappell said.

Callie Chappell and a friend at school decided to take the independent living skills they learned to the next level. They planned a trip from the Louisiana school to Norman so they could watch a University of Oklahoma football game.

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