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Meanwhile, WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson has issued a statement regarding the future of Ronnie O'Sullivan.

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"Ronnie O'Sullivan of course is free to sign the contract at any time during the season which would make him eligible to play in World Snooker events.

"But there will always be those who want to play less but overall I think most would prefer 20 tournaments a year rather than six there is a good chance of earning more money."

"He's 40 now so you would have to say it's over for him, his best years are behind him. But with the Air Max 90 Olive Green

"But it is important to note that signing the players' contract does not in itself compel any player to enter any World Snooker tournaments."

The Sheriff of Pottingham, as he is nicknamed, has never lived up to the early potential that saw him make the final of the British Open in 1999 and the China Open in 2002.

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"Players have to focus more on their fitness with the new schedule," he added.

"The contract Nike Air Max 90 Jacquard Premium Sneakers

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"The contract is there to protect the players' income derived from the tour, and the sport as a Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Gray

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"That might play a big part. They won't get bad backs though. It works the other way and they will be more flexible.

was sent to the players by World Snooker following an extensive consultation process with the WPBSA in which we engaged our lawyers.

"I'd like to clarify the WPBSA's position in relation to the official players' contract and end the misconception that players are being 'forced' into playing certain events," said Ferguson, who lives in Ollerton.

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"We are looking for the support of the players as a whole in order to assist this growth.

"We do not believe it would be in the interest of the membership as a whole if one player was allowed a different contract which could give that player additional appearance money The World Snooker Tour is expanding rapidly and consistently on a global basis and it is set to grow further.

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The former Evening Post champion, who is now 40, turned professional all the way back in 1990.

whole. Once players have signed the contract they are free to choose which events they wish to play in.

HE MAY be one of the most talented players to ever pick up a cue, but Anthony Hamilton has missed his chance to go down as one of snooker's greats according to former World Champion Joe Johnson.

"But he has had over 200 century breaks without winning a tournament, which is unbelievable.

talent he has we might see him back, but he won't be back for good . . . he won't do a Take That!"

But with that increase in prize money comes an increased workload and Johnson admits that Hamilton, like many other players, will need time to adjust.

Snooker has changed quite a bit since Hamilton first burst onto the scene with the number of ranking tournaments the players compete in more than doubled Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot - Men;S since Barry Hearn took over as chairman of World Snooker.

"I have watched him a lot over the years and played against him as well he beat me when I was past my best and he was just coming onto the scene but you could see he was a fantastic potter.

"He is one of the best century builders ever and that's a very high compliment.

Crucible champ praises 'nearly man' Anthony Hamilton

"It is the WPBSA's duty to ensure that all of the players are treated equally and therefore it is our belief that all players should sign the same contract.

"Anthony was a great player and probably an underachiever considering the talent he had at his disposal," said Johnson, who beat Steve Davis in the 1986 final.

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