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I would also like to see a stat showing the amount of population increase/decrease in these areas as well. My guess would be an increase which wouldn't necessarily potrait an accurate decrease in certain crimes. As we all know, as population increases, the number of crime incidents can stay the same or increase, but overall percentage rate decrease due to population growth thus painting a better picture than the real truth. I would also like to see a demographic break down of crimes committed based on race and gender. Second major factor is the growth in the number of illegals and dysfunctional black families who lack father figures in the house to show a positive example to some of these young people committing crimes. Then again some of the parents are the bad example.

Crime statistics reveal a mixed picture in Cobb

Auto thefts declined in both Cobb and Marietta. With 834, the county experienced 224 fewer auto thefts in 2010. There were 49 fewer cases in Marietta, which reported 181 auto thefts during the same period.

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Larceny, or theft of personal property, increased slightly in Cobb to 6,900 cases in 2010. But in Marietta, there was a 6.5 percent jump in larceny cases, which numbered 2,050 last year.

Nike Air Max 90 Shoes Womens

"There is nothing definitive that points to any main reason why there was an increase," Baldwin said. "Some could be tied to the burglaries that were solved; you could speculate Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Lotc (Shanghai) Women's Shoe

More jails and prisons Nike Air Max 90 Shoes Womens do not deter crime. Just look how big Cobb County's jail has grown in the last 15 years. It has tripled in size or more. It has not slowed crime. What is need is the three strikes (convictions) and you do not get out of prison en forced on all major crimes and that mean no bail on the second crime arrest. But most important is a speedy trial instead of it taking 3 to 5 years and the person committing 3 or 4 more crimes out on bail. These convicted criminals should not be getting country club treatment in prison when unemployed and foreclosed taxpayers are trying to find work and support their wife and kids.

"The only real way to find out the why would be to ask the perpetrators of the crimes," Cobb police spokesman Michael Bowman said in response to why there was such a significant increase.

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Aggravated assault rose by 18.5 percent, from 146 to 173 cases in Marietta. However, in the county it increased by 24.5 percent, from 576 to 717 cases in 2010.

In 2010, there were 109 rape cases reported in the county, compared with 92 the previous year. The reported number of rape cases remained at 21 in Marietta.

Bowman said residents need to be more observant and learn to recognize what is suspicious and notify 911 when they encounter something out of the ordinary.

that the economy was part of the reason for the increase, although there is no direct evidence to prove that."

"We would like to say that crime is on a decrease due to diligent patrol, but does that mean that if crime is increased, we are patrolling less? The answer to that question is no," he said.

Bowman said police officers are diligently patrolling the streets, subdivisions and businesses in the county.

Aggravated assault and larceny increased in both Cobb and Marietta.

MARIETTA The 2010 crime statistics released by Cobb County and Marietta police departments and the FBI, reveal a mixed picture of crime trends in the past year.

In unincorporated Cobb, violent crime such as aggravated assault and rape increased, while murder and robbery slipped. Among property crimes, larceny rose, while burglary and auto thefts fell. In Marietta, murder and aggravated assault saw an increase, while robbery fell. Burglary and larceny rose, while auto thefts fell in the county's largest city.

Cobb, they increased by 20.8 percent to 772 cases in Marietta.

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Nike Air Max 90 Shoes Womens

be contributed to the job loss? Can it be attributed to complacency? There is no real answer as to why crime spikes or drops during a given year."

"Can crime be attributed to the economy? Can it Nike Air Max 90 Black Yellow

Nike Air Max 90 Shoes Womens

"Good news for Marietta would be no murders at all," said Officer David Baldwin, Marietta police spokesman. "I can say that all four murders in 2010 were solved. Arrests were made in three of the cases, and the perpetrator in the fourth committed suicide."

"Our officers are patrolling just as much now as they have in the past. Officers also have to change their patrolling techniques due to the increase of crime and increase in calls for service."

Perhaps the most notable murder case of 2010 was the Penske shooting. Cobb police arrested Jessie James Warren, who is accused of going on a shooting rampage that killed two workers and a customer at his former employer, Penske truck rentals in Kennesaw, on Jan. 12, 2010. He is awaiting trial.

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Marietta police attributed last year's spike in cases to burglary rings in the area, which they say have since been solved. Police broke up two to three rings of about 10 people, who ranged in age from their teens to 20s, mixed in with a few adults, Baldwin said.

While burglaries dropped by 4 percent to 3,291 cases in Nike Air Max 90 Womens Montreal

"Some (were solved) by crime scene processing, some by the patrol units working with detectives, some by leads that were either given to us or developed by the detectives," Baldwin said. "Basically, it was just very good police work."

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