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heat transfer.

Principle: Heat Nike Air Max 90 Sale Women's transfers through substances that directly contact your body. This is called conduction.

Being wet makes you cold for two reasons: Water is 240 times more conductive than air, and you lose heat when water evaporates. Avoid getting sweaty by anticipating changes in temperature shed a layer at the base of climbs before overheating, and remember to bundle up before descending cools you down.

Nike Air Max 90 Sale Women's

by consuming at least one big bottle an hour.

Here are five principles of heat conservation, along with some insights into what they mean for cyclists:

Nike Air Max 90 Sale Women's

If you want to keep your hands and feet warm, wear a jacket. Keeping your core toasty promotes blood flow to extremities. And don't limit circulation to your feet by over tightening shoes or squeezing on additional pairs of socks. Shoe covers are better option.

Cycling in Cold Weatherby neil bezdek

Principle: The head and neck are your heat sensors. In addition to gauging temperature signals from the nerve endings all over your body, your brain monitors its thermostat based on the warmth of the blood that flows to it.

Nike Air Max 90 Sale Women's

Nike Air Max 90 Sale Women's

Nike Air Max 90 Sale Women's

One surprising consequence of being cold is fluid loss. When your body prioritizes circulation in its core, your internal organs interpret the high volume of blood as excess fluid retention. Ever notice that being cold makes you go to bathroom more frequently? Combat "cold diuresis" Air Max 90 Black Speckle

Metal handlebars, brake levers, and pedals and even sunglasses and headphones all threaten to sap heat Nike Air Max 90 Black Yellow

Nike Air Max 90 Sale Women's

Nike Air Max 90 Sale Women's

Nike Air Max 90 Sale Women's

Heat loss through convection warrants covering as much of your skin as possible. This is especially true for extremities because they have a large ratio of surface area to volume, as well as areas with high blood flow such as your head and neck because they transmit lots of energy to the air they contact (like a radiator in a car).

Nike Air Max 90 Sale Women's

Principle: Convection occurs when air that contacts the skin is heated and blown away, which is replaced by new air that warms itself at the expense of body heat. Convection threatens to rob a wind battered cyclist of more warmth than any other type of Nike Air Max 90 2015 Womens Red

Principle: Evaporative cooling occurs when water changes state from liquid to gas.

Everyone knows that wearing additional clothes is the best way to stay warm, and that layering provides options for dressing and undressing as conditions change. But layering is also effective because it traps pockets of immobile air next to your body. In other words, layered clothing is greater than the sum of its parts.

Compared with most of my peers, I had a late start in bike racing. I had been interested for years but a seasonal job as a whitewater rafting and mountaineering guide in the Rockies kept me off the race course until my mid 20s.

Cycling in Cold Weather

Nike Air Max 90 Sale Women's

from vulnerable body parts. Double wrapping your handlebars, wearing heavy gloves, and using thicker insoles all provide a layer of insulation that can mitigate heat loss through conduction.

Although a part of me regrets starting late, I'm grateful for the time I spent in the mountains, and the knowledge I picked up along the way. One of those universal lessons is how to cope with cold weather. Now that I'm home in Colorado for the holidays, dodging snowstorms and avoiding the soul crushing indoor trainer at all costs, I get to put that knowledge to use once again.

Principle: The human body reacts to cold by shunting, where it restricts blood flow in extremities to protect vital organs at its core.

Keeping your head and neck protected is about more than just heat loss; insulating your melon and its stem will make you feel warm. And while drinking a hot beverage is physically counterproductive (warm liquid passing through the neck prompts a decrease in metabolic heating activities) the psychological benefit is worth it. Bottoms up!

Nike Air Max 90 Sale Women's

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