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Early histories of the war parroted the prevailing views of the day that white people had a God given right to the land and that native peoples were pagan savages.

In addressing those in attendance he proudly regaled them with a poem in praise of the executions of 38 condemned Dakota hanged 27 years earlier just across the street.

The timing of that book, published in 1891, coincided with the passing of many of the white settlers who were alive in 1862 and the onset of a new generation unfettered by emotion laden, non factual mindsets about the war.

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It's not surprising that white Minnesotans in the latter part of the 19th century retained an animosity toward Indians and an unabashed pride in their defeat.

Even so, vestiges of the past lingered and the war's resolution was Nike Air Max 90 2015 White

Chalk that up to historical writings going from embellished to fact based, to the passing of the generation directly affected by the war, and to a 20th century zeitgeist that produced more tempered perspectives on a highly complex event.

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Then Mankato Mayor Stan Christ, of Indian ancestry who now lives in Missouri, never publicly admitted until this year that it was he who "got rid of" the monument, though he gave no reason why nor said where he took it.

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"Sensibilities about the Dakota outlook (pertaining to the war) certainly had changed by 1912," Lass said. "But the Mankato community did not share those feelings."

Dakota War change with time

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Gebhard said reasoned perspectives about the war received a large assist in 1987, when the state of Minnesota declared it as the Year of Reconciliation.

University history professor William Lass, who has reviewed 13 histories of the war written over the past 150 years, said the first historical account that tried to present the Dakota side of the conflict was written decades afterward.

In 1912 a large stone monument was erected at the site Air Max 90 Mens On Feet

of the executions. It read: Here were hanged 38 Sioux Indians Dec. 26, 1862.

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A 1900 beer tray promoting a Mankato brewery featured an overview image of the hanging of 38 convicted Dakota in Mankato in 1862 while, off to the side, three soldiers on Nike Air Max 90 Red Black Grey a porch take in the scene over beers.

still viewed by many as a source of pride.

In one of the war's early histories, St. Paul resident Harriet Bishop surmised that the Indians went to war because they had fallen in league with the devil.

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The monument was eventually removed and stored away in a city building, where it remained for decades until it mysteriously disappeared in the mid 1990s.

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Brown County Historical Society museum research librarian Darla Gebhard said defamatory rhetoric against the Dakota began toning down circa 1947, and more conciliatory views about the war had fully come to the fore by its 1962 centennial year.

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That account, written by a Catholic priest in New Ulm, set the stage for more objective, scholarly approaches to the war.

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