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Nike Air Max 90 Purple And White

"In the near term, it's obviously going to have an impact," Goldstein said. "They bring a lot of people to the Square each year It's Nike Air Max 90 Purple And White very disappointing to see that things haven't worked out so far like we thought they would."

Nike Air Max 90 Purple And White

I have to add my agreement to the previous comments concerning the recent remodeling of the theater. Hideous does not even begin to describe what Air Max 90 Ultra Infrared On Feet

Russell said the theater's board made the decision to close Monday afternoon after three days of deliberation. The board had raised $83,000 of the $400,000 needed to operate over the next three months and pay down vendor debt. But the board didn't see how it could raise that amount or bring in additional funds required to launch a 31st season. Russell said the board has begun staff layoffs and had paid its lease through March 31.

"Not only would they have to raise $400,000 this year, as soon as they raise that $400,000, then their reward is they have to go out and raise $450,000 more for next year," Tumlin said.

Curtain falls on Theatre in the Square

Nike Air Max 90 Purple And White

The theater has an annual economic impact of more than $1 million, with 49,073 patrons visiting the Square for plays last year, Russell has said.

Nike Air Max 90 Purple And White

The fundraising work proved too daunting, Tumlin said.

Nike Air Max 90 Purple And White

"So Reardon and I and Tom were going to present it to the board with three votes in hand to give them a Spring and Summer grant," Tumlin said. "Then I called Mike Russell. I said, 'Mike, ask your board if $30,000 or $40,000 would help them.' He said, 'No.'"

I agree with others here who say that, to me, the fault rests primarily with the leadership of this organization. Who are the board members who thought this renovation was a good idea? Who is the artistic director who lost sight of his market? Why did the theater go through with this costly architectural disaster when they certainly knew that economic ruin was close at hand?

Nike Air Max 90 Purple And White

awful and decided I'd not go back until it was back on the Main Stage. Then they closed the show. When I heard it was coming back last Christmas I really wanted to go see it if it was on the Main Stage. The I learned it wasn't even going to be on the premisis, but instead at Southern Tech. So didn't go. Part of the enjoyment was walking around the Square before and after the play.

head that says that this all could have been avoided, had the leadership at Theater in the Square been much, much stronger.

Nike Air Max 90 Purple And White

Nike Air Max 90 Purple And White

Looks like an opportunity for a different, more financially responsible live theatre group to come in and make a go of it.

The theater board had taken steps to make ends meet, such as renegotiating the theater's 30 year lease with landlord Councilman Philip Goldstein down to five years and reducing the monthly rent from $10,778 to $7,000.

Last week, Goldstein said the theater owed him about $126,000 in back rent and other expenses.

The theater was in the middle of a production of "Flyin' West," which was set to run until April 8. They are working on a plan to give ticket holders the chance to use their tickets at other venues, Russell said.

they did to that building. They took a wonderful little landmark on Marietta Square and turned it into a white plastic looking abomination, complete with flashing marquee and giant tragedy and comedy masks looming overhead. It now stands out like a sore thumb on the Square, and now that it is going to sit empty, it will be even worse.

I, too, wondered about that front on the building. I thought there was some kind of historical architectural reqirement for buildings around the square. I liked the Radio Hour at Christmas. Saw it on the Main Stage. Then saw it on the Alley Stage which was Air Max 90 Mens Shoes

The play "Flyin' West" was supposed to have another performance tonight, but early Monday evening, the stark image on the Marietta Square told the story: The theater's marquee was bare and the poster windows were empty, a storied venue for the arts in the Atlanta metro area had gone dark. Tumlin said he proposed giving the theater $30,000 to $50,000 during an emergency DMDA meeting in addition to the $30,000 grant the city gave the theater last week.

This was a management problem not a market problem.

The loss of Theatre in the Square's patrons would be noticeable on the downtown economy, Goldstein said Monday evening.

My wife and I are former season ticket holders at Theater in the Square who have not been back in quite some time. In part, this is due to the fact that we have kids now and have less time for live theater. But it is also because the programming in recent seasons has been unappealing for the most part not much incentive to pay a baby sitter and spend our money there.

It also, according to many of the comments I have seen in this venue, had to do with the type of productions that were dominating the theatre's schedule.

"Personally, I'm devastated because I thought their plan was starting to fall into place," Tumlin said. "Their board, when they got against the wall, worked as hard as they could, but the numbers were just against them."

MARIETTA After 30 years in downtown Marietta, the financially strapped Theatre in the Square abruptly closed its doors Monday.

Russell said he wasn't sure what would become of all the theater's materials, since the board is putting together an exit strategy over the next two weeks.

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I'm sorry for the actors and directors who poured their heart and soul into that Theater for so many years. They did good work, and it is a shame that such a great little venue will no longer be there for them, or for us. But I just can't ignore the little voice in my Nike Air Max 90 Womens Blue

Nike Air Max 90 Purple And White

Last week, the City Council granted the theater $30,000 to help keep operations running, but Tumlin said Monday the theater board had returned the check to his office.

Instead of more traditional, locally acceptable subject matter, many of the productions dealt with edgy and somewhat controversial social issues that suited the desires of the owners but not the customers. That might work just fine in Little Five Points, Virginia Highland or Midtown, just not in Marietta.

Nike Air Max 90 Purple And White

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