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were late and wouldn't let her get on stage," she said. "You have to take everything that happens on the show with a grain of salt."

Bella has participated in about 50 pageants and has won 43 to 45 times, her mother said. But Bella did not win the pageant in which she was filmed for the show, Winkowski said.

"We always put her in age appropriate outfits," she said. "She was a one eyed, one horned, flying, purple people eater for this pageant, since it was space themed."

"My stepdaughter actually came home from school one day and told us she wanted to be in a fundraiser pageant when she was 10," Winkowski said. "I was kind of like, 'We're not pageant people,' but we kind of got into it and put Bella in, and she won everything. We've been doing them ever since."

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"A lot Nike Air Max 90 Pink Mens of the situations were very set up. They asked if we were ever late to pageants, and we said no, so they set up a situation where they made it look like we Nike Air Max Green And Pink

Dallas family to be featured on pageant TV Air Max 90 Metallic Gold

Some have criticized child pageants and the show for alleged exploitation of the young contestants, but Winkowski said she and her husband keep everything age appropriate for their daughter.

"It probably cost us more money than it was worth, because Nike Air Max 90 White Tumblr

Winkowski said while the toddler seems to love being in pageants, they would never force her to do them. Bella is now taking a break and sticking to gymnastics.

we hadn't planned on doing that pageant until we got the call from TLC," Winkowski said. "But we had a lot of fun doing it. Bella even has fans in other countries sending her teddy bears. All of these little kids in Brazil idolize her."

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Nike Air Max 90 Pink Mens

Nike Air Max 90 Pink Mens

Winkowski said the show was "very scripted."

DALLAS Dallas 2 year old Bella Noelle Winkowski, daughter of Juliet and Kevin Winkowski, is to be featured on Wednesday's episode of "Toddlers Tiaras" on cable's TLC.

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Bella has been doing pageants since she was 15 weeks old, her mother said.

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Winkowski said the show did not pay for any pageant fees and did not pay them any royalties.

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Nike Air Max 90 Pink Mens

Crews filmed everything the family did at their house for two long days in the week leading up to the pageant. Her stepdaughter, Shelle, 13, and son, Brennan, 11, also were filmed.

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