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A study of the history, development, organization, operations, and functions of American police agencies, federal, state, and local, as well as an overview of private security. The patrol, traffic management, investigation, and community relations functions of policing are analyzed. This course spans the wide spectrum of law enforcement and will emphasize both institutional and occupational aspects of policing in our society. Students will be introduced to critical issues, policies and procedures, Nike Air Max 90 Prm Safari

Examines issues related to crime and criminal justice throughout the world. Social, cultural, and political background of different systems of justice will be analyzed. Prerequisite: CRJ 1010. Offered Terms I and II.

CRJ 3110 Criminal Investigation

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CRJ 3020 Police Administration

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This course will acquaint students with an overview of the basic approaches utilized in a criminal investigation, Students will be made aware of the participants in a criminal investigation, while addressing a variety of investigative topics centered around current issues and cases. Prerequisite: CRJ 1010. Offered Term II.

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legal parameters and contemporary concerns of law enforcement. Special issues include the hiring process, police discretion, culture, stress, ethics and deviance, suicide, and women and minorities in policing. Students will assess selected findings and recommendations of key commission findings such as the Knapp Commission, Wickersham Commission, Kerner Commission, and studies such as the Kansas City Study. Special emphasis will be placed on police and the law, and the Supreme Court cases which define police conduct. Prerequisite: CRJ 1010. Offered Term I.

relationship between psychology and the law. Topics to be covered include psychological aspects of policing, mental health issues in criminal justice, behavioral approaches to trial preparation, and forensic assessment. Prerequisites: PSY 1010. Offered Terms I and II.

CRJ SOC 2050 Norms, Deviance, and Social Control

CRJ 2820 Due Process

A course introducing the various components of the criminal justice process and presenting a broad overview of the processing of the accused through confrontation, arrest, detention, prosecution, defense, adjudication, sentencing, incarceration, probation and parole. The rights and responsibilities of defendants, citizens, suspects and agents of the Criminal Justice system are reviewed. Systemic issues are addressed. Distribution Requirement: CSI.

A study of the methods of dealing with offenders including an examination and evaluation of the competing philosophies underpinning incarceration. The impact of confinement on the offender and the community will be considered. Specific attention will be paid to the changing role of correctional personnel in the penal system. Prerequisites: CRJ 1010 and MAT 2090, or permission of the instructor. Distribution Requirement: LAS. Offered Term II.

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CRJ PSY 2670 Forensic Psychology

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Course will evaluate representations of crime in the media. Students will examine how the media reports, distorts, and filters crime and justice issues. Analysis of the relationship between crime theory and the media.

CRJ 1010 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRJ 2210 Comparative Criminal Justice

sixth, eighth, and fourteenth amendments on procedure in arrest, search and seizure, right to counsel, lineups, confessions, trial, sentencing, appeals and conditions of confinement is discussed. Prerequisites: CRJ 1010 or PSC 1010 or one course in US History. Distribution Requirement: US.

CRJ SOC 2068 Crime and the Media

Class will examine how social norms are created and enforced. Will also look at who is seen Nike Air Max 90 Orange as deviant and why, and how deviance is punished by society. Prerequisites: SOC 1010 or ANT 1040. Offered as needed.

CRJ 2700 Penology

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An analysis of the concepts surrounding due process. The ways in which these principles have evolved and their impact on the processes which agents of the Criminal Justice system must follow from pre arrest situation to post conviction appeal are considered. The impact of the first, fourth, fifth, Air Max 90 For Women Outfit

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Criminal Justice Course Descriptions

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